Abusing stats on Tab screen to infer whether and which Mercenary camps enemies are doing, and other things

Abusing stats on Tab screen to infer whether and which Mercenary camps enemies are doing, and other things

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What you may not know is that all tab stats, including healing, self-healing, and quests, are constantly updated for both teams, even if it’s someone you don’t have visibility for.

For example, if you look at the most played Heroes in Storm competition in this patch, you can draw the following conclusions:

  • Brightwing was gone, and his recovery began with that sudden surge. You didn’t need to see them, now you know their Z was used and when (to TP someone in Fog of War) so you can follow their CD without having a vision. It’s likely that someone camped outside. In fact, if you’re careful/fast with math, you can theoretically calculate exactly who she TP’d (if several people were missing) and/or whether they were weak or not (because if they had more than 75% health, less if she’s good at Z would reduce the healing, since she only heals at 100%). If they were low, they probably made camp doing more damage like the boss did when a few of them got up.
  • Additionally, you can infer how many heroes are around them by how quickly their passive heals increase, even if they’re all in the fog of war. It could mean they are dealing with the boss or something else.
  • Sonja: Untalented, heals his E to 34.5 (+4%/level)/targets non-hero hits. It ticks twice a second. So, for example, if she is level 4 and misses, she heals 129/s outside the knight camp (given her spell armor), and heals only 81/s outside the siege camp. So you can deduce which side he’s on. It’s also easy to set up talents such as rage, war paint, life funnel, etc.
  • Muradin: It’s very simple. If his self suspension holds, he didn’t take any damage in the last 4 seconds. Therefore, he wouldn’t have to help in camp, or at least not really refuel. So if he’s gone, out of mana, or just reloaded and doesn’t have an auto-directed increment, you’ll probably die at the hands of the bandit.
  • May: You can use it to track the charging of her cryogenic gel (or backup battery if she took it) without seeing her, and possibly infer that she’s taking a lot of damage and therefore helping the boss or something else through her non-combat use as well.
  • Option: Q has a base healing of 35 (+4%/level) on a non-hero move, so you can infer which side he’s doing based on that number. Although all of his level 7 talents give healings that work on non-heroes, you’ll have to fix that later. You can also use it to track the cooldown of Victory Rush via the Fog of War.
  • Falstad: You can track the quest progress of the frequent flier (if he takes it instead of W) to infer that he’s going to shoot you, because it increases based on minions dying within a 12 radius of him, even if he’s flying, in the bushes, approaching, or whatever, there’s no visibility required.
  • Perhaps more usefully, if he uses E-shield (or W-shield in 4), it counts as self-healing if he takes damage prevented by it. We can infer that if he goes up and is gone, he will set up camp, but even if he does not go up, he should not be harmed by the siege giants, because the attacks have been bugged. So he has to make another camp.
  • Tassadar: If he took Plasma Shield at 4, you can tell if he can camp or not, even if he uses Archon to camp like the boss does when he absorbs damage with his shield.
  • Then, of course, with any healer you can infer a lot of other things from the number of heals (Lucio is another good healer; you can infer how fast his level 1 quest talent increases if he did that useless quest, or just from the healing status).

I could go on and on, but this is a good start with the most tuned heroes.

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Check out the abuse statistics on the tab screen to deduce if and what the mercenary camp opponents are doing, and other things for the game Heroes of the Storm.

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