Best Armored Vehicles in GTA Online

Best Armored Vehicles in GTA Online

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Armoured vehicles are incredibly sought after in GTA Online, as they allow for any kind of mission or theft that requires you to use a running vehicle. They protect against bullets, bazookas, rockets and anything else that is thrown at them. This guide presents the best armored vehicles in the game, taking into account their overall protection, performance, unique features and value for money.

Apocalypse ZR-380

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The ZR-380 is fast, provides excellent all around protection and can even mount a dual machine gun on the front of the vehicle. In short, the ZR-380 is built for destruction. The biggest drawback is the high price of $2,138,650 and the fact that you can’t use the ZR-380 for raids, only for everyday outdoor use.

Duke O’Death

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It is one of the fastest armored vehicles in the game and has excellent protection against bullets; it is the best equipped vehicle for VIP missions. Duke O’Death can’t handle as many RPS or missiles as the more gigantic machines on this list, but it’s a small sacrifice. You can buy this whip for $655,000.

Kuruma (armoured)

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The Kuruma (armored), which looks like an armored Subaru rally car, costs $525,000. It’s completely vulnerable to missiles, so if they come at you, it’s over. But turmeric is completely bulletproof. Pretty fast too, but not as fast as Duke O’Death.

MOC (Mobile Operations Centre)

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This is one of the strongest and most defensive machines in the game, able to absorb waves of RPGs and missiles without breaking down. In terms of handling and speed it leaves much to be desired. However, if you’re looking for a tank on wheels, this MOC is not to be missed.

Night sign

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The Nightshark can withstand multiple RPGs and homing missiles before exploding, proving its solid defense. It’s also fast, considering it’s an armored SUV. It costs a cool $1,245,000, which is relatively expensive, but well worth the value you get out of it. For comparison: Precise Carrot is very similar to Rebel, except that it is slightly better overall.

Schafter V12

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This is an armored car for players who value style as much as performance. The Schafter V12 is already one of the best sedans in the game, and the armored version offers all the protection you need. The performance of this vehicle is well thought out and it looks just as good as any other armoured vehicle you’ll find in GTA Online.


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Here’s a car that looks like something out of the James Bond series. The Stromberg can be submerged like a submarine and has sufficient protection against explosions. It even has target-seeking missiles on the front of the vehicle that track targets pretty well. It can intercept a few missiles, but offers little protection against bullets. For the exorbitant price of $3,185,350, the Stromberg can be yours.

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