Beyond the Page – A Brilliant Narrative Adventure

Beyond the Page – A Brilliant Narrative Adventure

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Lost words : The game was released on Google Stadia last year, but is now also available on consoles and computers. Lost Words is developed by Sketchbook Games and is the fourth game with Modus Games Management Publishing : Beyond Page is a great platformer with a unique gameplay style, excellent voice acting and a very nice looking art style. Here’s our review of the computer version of Lost Words: Behind the Page, in which we jump through the pages of a magazine and chase a dragon into a fantasy world.

The story of Lost Words: Beyond the Page is probably the best thing about this title, aside from the watercolor style of the magazine pages. The story of Lost Words: Beyond Paige revolves around a girl, Izzy, who begins writing a journal to practice writing a future fantasy story. The game follows Izzy’s journey, both in writing the journal and in writing the fantasy story. It’s a little easier to confuse Izzy with the main character of the game, because you’re playing the character Izzy creates for herself for her fantasy story, not Izzy herself. The story begins with Izzy opening her journal and finishing her final thoughts on her story and the main character of the story.

At the beginning of the game you control platforms and a character from Izzy’s diary. This part of the game takes place in the newspapers, using text strings and sometimes other objects as platforms to move around. As you progress and interact with the various lines and objects in the journal, you will find that the journal’s blank pages are filled with various images and artwork from Izzy’s life. All text strings are also fully annotated, and whenever you work with highlighted keywords, you also unlock small text bundles for those phrases.

These parts of the diary are the events of Izzy’s past life, and some of them are also very touching. Izzy has had good times and sad times, all of which are recorded in her diary, and you can experience them as you go through the main story of the game. At the beginning of her story, Izzy chooses a character for her fantasy story, and you have to make choices, for example. For example, the color of the character’s dress or his name. Since I chose Grace from three possibilities, I will refer to the character as Grace for the rest of this review.

Izzy makes Grace the main character in her fantasy story, and Grace becomes the keeper of the fireflies. She becomes a guardian after finding a firefly, after which the village elder appoints her guardian of the sacred tree. But a dragon attack destroys the tree and all the fireflies are gone, so Grace goes on a journey to save the fireflies and bring them back to her village. Grace then embarks on a wondrous journey around the world. The story has two parts, Grace’s, which takes place in her fantasy world with 3D models rendered in 2D, and a diary section where you relive Izzy’s previous life.

These two parts are related, and after you complete one of them, you must complete one of the others. So it continues as a cycle. Grace has the power of magic and you can control her abilities with her Firefly, which you can control with the right stick. It can also be considered a cursor, since all it does is move through the magic words Grace finds in the world to accomplish various tasks, such as B. Make repairs, lift platforms, and even silence Grace’s footsteps to crawl across enemies or platforms. You will find several magic words, some of which are situation-specific and disappear after the current situation, while others will be written in your book forever for future use.

The game also offers a variety of options in the magazine and fantasy world form the world around Grace, as well as Izzy’s past. You can make certain choices in the diary sections that also determine Izzy’s past, and the choices you make in Grace’s world determine which world your Grace travels in. While the decision is not devastating, it does have implications for Izzy’s past and Grace’s journey. The selection is made by highlighting the words and dragging them to complete the sentences with a firefly. The selection method remains the same in both worlds, i.e. a firefly is used. This ensures an enjoyable gameplay where you feel at ease in both worlds.

Besides the brilliant story and lively platforming, another amazing aspect of Lost Words is: On the outside of the page is the design layer. Although Grace World has beautiful scenery and levels, I think mostly of the magazine section, which is absolutely brilliant. At the beginning of each page, these diary pages are blank and rather boring with a few sentences written in black ink, but some of the words are colored and as you interact with them, they open up other dialogues and some even completely change the pages with watercolor images depicting that particular scenario. They are fantastic and probably my favorite part of the game.

Lost words: Beyond the Page is a wonderful game that I cannot recommend enough to discover for yourself. The way Izzy’s fantastic story changes because of a certain event in her own life is just dramatic and really moving. I don’t want to give away too much of the story review, but this is something that many games have managed before, and I absolutely love Lost Words: Past the page for this one. The sketch sets and fourth slate have done a great job with the game.

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Lost words: Behind the Page is a wonderfully narrative game that emphasizes the story over the difficulty of the puzzles and gameplay. Although the game has a unique dual gameplay setup, understanding both types of gameplay is very easy, and I enjoyed the magazine sections of the game more than the platform sections of the title. The design of the world is beautiful, and the watercolors in magazines are too beautiful to ignore. Lost Words is easy to do in a few hours: Beyond the Page offers a unique play style, an exciting and emotional story, and a beautiful world to explore. Highly recommended for fans of platformers and immersive storytelling.

Overall score: 9.0/10

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