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Clash Quest Download for Android, iOS: USA, UK, India

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Clash Quest for Android and iOS is now available for download in five countries. But gamers around the world want to know how to download this amazing game in their country. Therefore, we offer you this guide to download this latest game in any country.

Get all details about Clash Quest download for Android and iOS in US, UK, India and other regions and other details about this latest game. Let’s have a look at the full tutorial of this latest game without any delay.

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Countries where Clash Questis available

Clash Quest is an amazing strategy game finally released in five countries. This game was developed by the creators of Clash of Clans and Clash Royale. For this reason, all players have fun with this game. But since this game is only available in five countries, all players are disappointed. They want to know how they can enjoy this game in their country. It’s very simple. Our guide will help you download Clash Quest for Android and iOS in all countries. First, let’s take a look at the countries where this game is officially available.

  • Finland
  • Sweden
  • Norway
  • Denmark
  • Iceland

If you live in one of these countries, you can download and play this game directly from the Play Store or App Store. If you don’t live in one of these countries, this guide is for you.

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Clash Quest download for Android and iOS in all regions

You can easily download this latest game for free in any country. We first explained how to install this game on Android. After that, we also guided you to get this game on iOS.

Download Clash Quest on Android

There are two different ways to download this game to your Android device. Choose one of the following methods to enjoy this game on your Android phone or tablet.

For the first method, you will need a TapTap account. Open the page of this game on the official TapTap website. Here you need to login with your Taptap account. You can now click the Try button to download this game to your android device.

Another way to download this game is to have a Google account in one of the countries mentioned above. Use a VPN connection and create a Google account from one of these countries. Then log in to the Play Store with that account. You can find and download this game now. You can also use this link to go directly to the game’s page in the Play Store.

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Clash Quest download on iOS

There is only one way to download this game on iOS. You need an Apple ID from one of the listed countries. Use a VPN to. Then log in to the App Store with this new ID. You can now search and download this game in any region. You can also click this link to go directly to the App Store page for this game.

This is the complete guide on how to download Clash Quest for Android.

Conclusion: Clash Quest download for Android

Finally, we hope you find the complete information about Clash Quest download for Android and iOS in all regions, a list of all the countries where this game is officially available, and much more. If you have any doubts or questions about this latest game, you can ask us in the comments section. We are here to answer all your questions and doubts.

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[D2] Daily Reset Thread [2021-04-14]

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Content of the article

Vanguard Daily Adjusters

  • Hollow Loop: Void damage increases slightly regardless of the source.
  • Truck: Powerful weapons do more damage and have more ammunition.
  • Founded: The damage in the air is significantly increased.

Daily battlefield adjustments

  • Hollow Loop: Void damage increases slightly regardless of the source.
  • Grenadier: Grenades do more damage and reload much faster.


  • Legendary Lost Sector (PL 1300): Exodus Garden 2A, Cosmodrome, Drip Weapons
    • Master: Overload the Captain’s servers and the barriers, shields: The emptiness
  • Lost Main Area (PL 1330): Condition, Europe, footprint.
    • Master: Minotaur and Hobgoblin barrier overload, shields: The arc and the void
  • The altars of the weapon of pain: Heretic (Rocket launcher)

Weapons inventory

  • District Specification: Increases Encircled’s damage. Bonus damage is briefly delayed if he is no longer surrounded by three or more enemies.
  • Weapon handle: Quick setup and installation for small arms.
  • Upgrade Module (1 for 1 core upgrade and 10 legendary shards and 25 helium threads and 5000 sparkles)
  • Upgrade Module (1 for 1 core and 10 legendary shards, 25 glacier stars and 5000 sparkles)
  • Prism amplifier (1 for 10 nuclei and 25 helium strands and 10000 scintillations)
  • Prism amplifier (1 for 10 medium and 25 spin plates and 10,000 flicker).
  • Rising Glow (1 per 10 enriched prisms and 100 spider metal leaves and 50,000 flickers)

Replacement of facade materials

  • Expansion prisms (1 for every 400 legendary shards)
  • Buy upgrade cores (1 per 30 legendary shards)
  • Buy mica (10000 for 20 etherspirals)
  • Catalog purchase (5 for 5000 shimmers)
  • Buy Aether Spiral (5 of 1 legendary shard)
  • Buy baryon branches (5 for 5000 shimmer)
  • Buy glacier grass (5 for 1 legend shard)

Acknowledgement of receipt

War Table, Operations Vanguard

Name Description Condition Price
challenger Kabal Defeat the Cabal. The defeated cabal on the battlefields provides the most effective progression. 50 Cabal XP
Saladin’s Charge Destroy the fighters with machine guns. Battlefield fighters are more expensive. 50 Machine Gun XP
Gladiator Blades Hit targets with your melee skills. Defeated fighters on the battlefield and defeated guards are more valuable. 20 Meli XP
Storm Warrior Hit targets with arc damage. Defeated fighters on the battlefield and defeated guards are more valuable. 50 sheets XP

Commander of the trap, Vanguard.

Name Description Condition Price
Horseshoes and hand grenades Defeat enemies with grenades. 20 grenades XP & 5 tactical vanguard tokens
From the city centre Defeat multiple enemies at once with your Super. 2 Multiple murders XP & 5 tactical vanguard tokens
They fall all the harder. Defeat minibosses and bosses with every move. 10 Fighters Challenge XP & 5 tactical vanguard tokens
Vanguard Defeat your enemies with every stroke. 50 fighters XP & 5 tactical vanguard tokens

Jesus Christ, the Crucible.

Name Description Condition Price
Training Full matches in each Crucible playlist. 2 Crucible games XP & 15 Good progress
Standard price Defeat the enemy with a kinetic weapon. 5 Kinetic weapons XP & 15 Good progress
Scope Defeat enemies with grenades. 1 pomegranate XP & 15 Good progress
Water early, water often Start your Superman in May. 7 Super XP & 15 Good progress

Tramp, Gambit.

Name Description Condition Price
Okay, okay, okay. End the game with Gambit. 1 set of gambit XP & 30 Infamy Rank Progression
Big game hunter Destroy a high value target in Gambit. 1 Objectives XP & 30 Infamy Rank Progression
Alignment As a shooting team, defeat enemy guards in Gambit. 5 guards XP & 30 Infamy Rank Progression
Electroshock. Use Arc’s skills to defeat enemies in Gambit. Defeated guards are worth extra points. 15 Arc capacity XP & 30 Infamy Rank Progression

Varyky, Europe

Name Description Condition Price
Insert Focus on Europe. 25 The Fallen XP
Improved accuracy Defeat Vex on Europe with precise finishing moves. 20 Vex XP
The lost archer Defeat the spike hunters in the lost areas of Europe with a line fusion rifle. 10 Linear fusion rifle XP
Golden Age Patrol A full patrol in the ruins of Eventide. 3 patrols XP

Banshee-44, gunsmith.

Name Description Condition Price
Calibration of the small arms Calibrate secondary weapons against each target. Get progression bonuses against short-range targets and guards. 100 Siderem XP & 2 mod. Components and core reinforcement
Calibration of the sniper rifle Calibrate sniper rifles against any target. Earn progression bonuses with accuracy and against Guardian opponents. 100 sniper rifle XP & 2 mod. Components and core reinforcement
Linear calibration of plasma gun Calibrate the linear array against a random target. Earn progression bonuses with accuracy and against Guardian opponents. 100 Linear gun XP & 2 mod. Components and core reinforcement
Arc calibration Calibrate the ARC’s weapons against each target. Earn progression bonuses with powerful weapons and against Guardian enemies. 100 Bow Weapon XP & 2 mod. Components and core reinforcement

Eris Morne, Luna.

Name Description Condition Price
I said what I fragmented Collect fantastic fragments, defeat nightmares. Nightmares can be found in the Port of Mourning and the Lost Sectors. 2 Composite fragments XP and 5 helium strings
Immortal car Quickly defeat fighters in groups of 2 or more with an automatic rifle. 15 Quickly collapsed XP and 5 helium strings
The element of surprise Defeat fighters in groups of 3 or more with an energy weapon, without dealing damage in between. 15 winning bands XP and 5 helium strings
There is no safe haven The defeat of the hive ship at Mourning Harbor on the moon. 25 Hive XP and 5 helium strings

Magic reader, moon.

Name Description Condition Price
Pyrophantasm Defeat Nightmare Hunter fighters with sunlight damage. 20 Sunny XP & 1 fantastic coin
Shock therapy Defeat Nightmare Hunter warriors with arch damage. 20 sheets XP & 1 fantastic coin
The logic of dreams Find the lost sector of K1 Logistics and hunt down the nightmare within. 3 Nightmares XP & 1 fantastic coin
The Curse of the Centaur Overcome nightmares in the lost sectors of Nessus. 8 Nightmares XP & 1 fantastic coin

Spider, Tangled Shore

Name Description Condition Price
Skinny herd Defeat your enemies on the Tangent Coast. Defeat 50 enemies XP & 5 ether coil
The great equalizer The defeat of the fallen at the landing of the thieves. 35 Broken Flavours XP & 5 ether coil
Conquering the Conquerors Defeat the Cabal in Sorix Cut. 35 Kabal is defeated XP & 5 ether coil
Lost in the cup Explore the turbine of the lost Sector Wolf ship near Sorix Cove on the Tangled Coast. 1 XP & 5 ether coil

Devrim K, EDZ.

Name Description Condition Price
European living space Defeat the enemies in the EDZ. Defeat 50 enemies XP & 10 Twilight Shards
Big guns. Get the powerful multi-kill weapon in EDZ. 3 murders with the use of a violent weapon XP & 10 Twilight Shards
Hunter The fall of the fallen in the EDZ. 30 Broken Flavours XP & 10 Twilight Shards

Sho Han, Cosmodrome.

Name Description Condition Price
Cleaning the house Defeat the hive ship somewhere in the spaceport. They can be found in Skywatch and the Lunar Complex. 20 Hive XP and Spinmetal blades
spitting distance Defeat the warriors in the spaceport with your melee attack or finisher. 5 Melia XP and Spinmetal blades
Explosion Defeat the fighters in the spaceport with your grenade skill. 5 Grenada XP and Spinmetal blades
Works remotely Full spaceport patrol. 1 Patrols XP and Spinmetal blades

Of course, Ness.

Name Description Condition Price
Friend or foe. The defeat of the fallen on Nessus. 30 Broken Flavours XP & 10 microphase matrix
Blank information Do the Void Kill on Nessus. 30 blank murders XP & 10 microphase matrix
Electrified Complete the bow on Nessus. 30 dead from the Arc XP & 10 microphase matrix

Unfortunately, Petra’s daily bonuses are not available through the API. Feel free to share them in the comments!

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  • [D2] Daily Reset Wire [2021-01-14]

Solar Monkey Vanguard Daily Adjustments: Sun damage increases slightly regardless of the source. Fighter: Melee skills do more damage and recharge much faster. Founded: The damage in the air is significantly increased. Legendary Lost Sector (PL 1250): Condition, Europe, reset the Master Lost Sector helmet (PL 1280): Bunker E15, Europe, release the Altars of Sorrow chest …. free

  • [D2] Daily Reset Wire [2021-02-14]

Void Monkey Vanguard Daily Adjustments: Void damage increases slightly regardless of the source. Grenadier: Grenades do more damage and reload much faster. Eclipse: Enemy melee attacks are much stronger, and radar is disabled. Legendary Lost Sector (PL 1250): Exodus Garden 2A, Cosmodrome, releases the Lost Sector Breast Master (PL 1280): Death, Europe, throw down your weapons…

  • [D2] Daily reset wire [2021-03-14]

Void Monkey Vanguard Daily Adjustments: Void damage increases slightly regardless of the source. Stasis Sing: The damage from stagnation increases somewhat for all sources. Iron: Enemies have more health and are not affected by damage. Void Monkey daily battlefield modifications: Void damage increases slightly regardless of the source. Truck: Powerful weapons do more damage and more ammunition is available……

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Top 10 most anticipated video games of 2020

2020 will satisfy both classic and modern players. To be on the list, the game must be confirmed for 2020, or there must be a compelling reason for it to be released that year. Upcoming games that are only announced and do not have a major release date are therefore not eligible.


By 2020, there will be a ton of… in the world of video games. Here are fifteen games to look forward to in the first half of 2020.


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The Ultimate List –

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Everyone loves a good pair of yoga pants.

They have to be one of the best modern inventions.

Forget electricity and plumbing, the true wonder of humanity is the skinny pants that lend themselves to an infinite number of outfits and activities.

Even jeans that are as sturdy as your favorite can be a little oppressive at times.

But really, you never have to worry about your yoga pants ripping, falling off, or restricting your movement. Not to mention that they are a much more practical alternative.

And your Sims will no doubt thank you for adding a few extra yoga pants to their wardrobe, so check out this CC list and see what you can find.

1. MP Yoga Trousers

Look at this CC

It’s always good to start with something new and unique.

And these pants from MartiPa meet both criteria perfectly.

The brightly colored stripes give the bottom half of your sim an almost psychedelic effect. And honestly, I think it’s great.

Light colors like pink, yellow, green and white go well with black. This creates a unique, high-contrast look.

2. Multilayer Yoga Pants

Look at this CC

W-Sims made sure that you can eventually put a pair of yoga pants under the other shorts.

In real life, people do this all the time.

So it is a mystery why our simulations are so limited.

Yoga pants under shorts are a quick fix if you’re worried about modesty or warmth, or if you just want to look more stylish.

The coolest part is that they are available for both men and women, so no one has to miss out.

3. Sports pants collection

Look at this CC

Much has been said about Simmer.

Our expectations are too high, or we are picky.

And there’s always the persistent rumor that many players have a sadistic side and like to see their Sims die…..

But if there’s one thing that will never be said, it’s that our Sims look pretty damn bad.

I am not exaggerating when I say that most of us spend at least half of our playing time in the CAS. So naturally you want to have good clothing options, and there are plenty of those.

If that’s what you love, then this collection of sweatpants from Pinkzombiecupcakes is a must.

There are twenty different models of the latest and greatest Nike styles, in a variety of beautiful patterns and colors.

4. Yoga Legging

Look at this CC

Why do black pants with a white stripe look so good?

So simple, yet classic.

There are also other designs for this CC available in beautiful bright colors if you want something fancier. Plus an all-black option.

Like most popular yoga pants today, they are shaped and slightly shortened in the legs.

I don’t know who decided we look better with bare ankles, but I’m glad they did.

Somehow, you always look a little more put together than slobber pants.

5. White Yoga Trousers VS

Look at this CC

At first glance, I couldn’t believe how familiar he looked to me. And I was wondering if this was a conversation from another game.

Then I remembered that VS stands for Victoria’s Secret, and that’s where I’ve seen them before.

Being one of the most popular and coveted brands in the world, girls all over the world are looking for Victoria’s Secret clothes. Especially of their PINK line.

Every decent clothing manufacturer now offers sports options. It’s no surprise that VS always knows how to bring out the best in people: Comfort, style and individuality.

Maybe it’s not really individualism when so many people have the same thing. …. but it means it’s worth saying something about.

6. Basic yoga pants

Look at this CC

Wouldn’t it be great if you could have 35 pairs of your favorite pants in different colors?

I guess it’s theoretically possible, if you want to spend a lot of money on essentially the same thing.

Sims doesn’t have those concerns.

You can change the shape of his pants in an instant. And with such a wide selection of options here, you might decide to have more than one yoga-based pants outfit.

There are shades of yellow, green, blue, purple, pink and red, from light to dark, with everything in between.

7. Elastic Yoga Pants

Look at this CC

Personally, if I had to wear any of the pants on this list, I would probably choose this one.

They just look comfortable.

High-waisted yoga pants are the perfect garment to wear all day, whether you’re jogging, lounging at home, or doing both.

My Sims have a much more varied style now. I’ll do it.

They don’t have to worry about their clothes getting dirty or ripped.

Whether you choose one of these beautiful designs for your Sims casual or sportswear, they certainly won’t disappoint.

8. Simulation Yoga Pants

Look at this CC

Finally, we have an opportunity for your Sim – we don’t want him to feel left out!

These workout pants are exactly what I imagine a relaxed yoga enthusiast would wear.

They may be stereotypes, but they look good.

I’ve never seen anyone dress like a slut in a yoga class. I think it would be some kind of oxymoron or something…..

How do you find your inner peace when your clothes are a mess?

But these yoga training pants also have a very practical aspect. Don’t worry about them hanging down your legs either, as they are cut off just below the knee.

They also hung around my thighs, with the laces tied in a bow. And you can’t go wrong with 20 samples.

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How to play Apex Legends on a Mac

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It’s a pretty common belief that Mac’s are not made for gaming, and for the most part, that statement is fairly accurate. PC’s will always be a better option for those looking to play on a desktop. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t play anything on a Mac, nor does it mean that you are restricted to the most basic of games. In fact, you can dive into one of gaming’s biggest battle royale games, Apex Legends, right now on your Mac.

So if you are wanting to bring the world of Apex Legends to to your Apple computer, then we can tell you how. Even better: you have a few options to choose from.

1. Install Windows on your Mac

Unfortunately, there is no official Mac version of the game, so you will have to find a way to get the Windows version playable on it. Your first choice should be to install Windows on your Mac via Boot Camp or Parallels.

Both will allow you to boot up Windows on your Mac and which one you choose is going to be dependent on your preferences and budget.

Using Boot Camp

Image via Apple

Boot Camp is designed by Apple for the sole purpose of allowing Windows and Windows programs to run on their machines. It is completely built-in to your Mac, as well, and all you will need to do is purchase and download Windows for it.

Apple has a great guide for walking you through every step of the process so installation is a breeze.

The biggest drawback, however, is that you can’t run Windows and MacOS simultaneously, so if you want to switch between the two, you will have to restart your computer and boot it up in the proper system.

Using Parallels

Image via

That issue with Boot Camp is why Parallels could be the best option for you as it allows you to run both Windows and MacOS as the same time, giving you the ability to easily switch between the two.

It essentially acts like any app would on your Mac, where you just need to click on the icon and you can access the complete Windows experience. You can even use its Coherence Mode to create a shared interface between the two systems.

The drawback for Parallels is that it is rather expensive, coming in at $79.99. Luckily, you can find discounts on the software fairly easily. Just stay on the lookout for it.

If money isn’t an issue, then we think Parallels is the way to go since it allows both operating systems to run at the same time, making navigation and functionality so much better. But if you want to spend as little money as possible, then Boot Camp is the way to go.

Whichever program you choose, once you have Windows running on your Mac, all you need to do is install Steam or EA Origins, download the game, and start playing. It all acts just as any Windows PC would and all you need is your log-in information for each platform.

You will need to be sure you choose the right amount of storage for Windows to control on your Mac, roughly in the area of 80GB. This will ensure you have enough space for the Windows program itself and the game file.

2. Stream the game

Image via EA

Cloud-based gaming is continually making advancements and you can use this method to stream Apex to your Mac.

There are a few options of streaming providers that you can choose from. Providers like Parsec, Vortex, or GeForce NOW will all allow you to stream Apex Legends right to your computer.

However, there are two caveats that come with using this method:

  1. Price of subscription to these providers
  2. You will need a strong, reliable internet connection to get the best experience.

All of these providers require you to pay for their services. They offer free trials, but the amount of time you are given during these trials is pretty low. It’s just not worth it to only get an hour of gaming in before the trial expires. If you can afford it, though, then it can be a great option.

Though it is still dependent on your internet connection. For example, GeForce NOW requires at least 15 megabits per second for 720p at 60fps, and 25 megabits per second for 1080p. Of course, we recommend using a wired connection if you are going to be streaming as wireless can be too finicky to be reliable. If you are not able to meet these connection standards, then streaming probably isn’t the right option for you.

Also note that EA is working on their own streaming platform but that hasn’t been given any official release date. But once it does drop, it could be the best option for streaming Apex Legends.

3. Use Remote Play on your Mac

Image via

One of the best features of Sony’s recent consoles is the Remote Play function, which allows you to stream your games right onto your computer, including a Mac.

All you need to do is install the Remote Play app on your Mac and then configure the settings on your PlayStation to get it working. This entails:

  • Enabling Remote Play in your console’s settings.
  • Activating your console as your primary console.
  • Connect a controller to your Mac via USB or Bluetooth.
  • Sign into your PlayStation account on the Remote Play app.

In order for Remote Play to work on your Mac, you need one of the following OS versions or above:

  • macOS Cataline
  • macOS High Sierra
  • macOS Mojave

You also need to remember that this is going to be streaming the PlayStation version of the game, so if you are looking to play on your Steam or Origins profile, you won’t be able to. There’s also the fact that if you have a console with the game, why not just play it on there instead.

Whatever your reasons may be, if you are wanting to play the game on your Mac and have a PlayStation, this is a wonderful, free option.

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Review – Monster Truck Championship (PS5)

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Monster Truck Championship was released last year as a much-needed competitor to THQ Nordic’s Monster Jam Steel Titans franchise. Unfortunately, nothing in this game manages to surpass what its main competitor offered. It has less content, has no open world mode and the controls are low-end. It also performed very poorly on the last generation of consoles. The game is now available with a brand new next-gen version for PS5. Let’s see if at least some of these problems have been solved.

I did not crash, believe it or not.

First, the obvious: It’s still the same monster truck championship content as in 2020. It’s still the same game that pales in comparison to its big rival THQ Nordic with its uninspiring presentation and career mode. In this respect, nothing has changed. So if you’re looking for a wacky monster truck game (and if you love the sport, you certainly do), Monster Jam Steel Titans is still the way to go. The biggest difference between this brand new version and last year’s is the performance.

Monster Truck Championship didn’t do so well on the Xbox One. The resolution was unworkable, the load times were long, and the handling was frustrating. If there were too many trucks on the screen at any one time, for example. B. at the start of a race the display has changed to a single digit. It also affects the controls and responsiveness of the game. While driving the truck wasn’t that difficult in itself, the terrible chassis made things much more annoying than they should have been.

A definite improvement over previous versions, but still far from what you’d expect from the PlayStation 5’s capabilities.

Good news. Thanks to the immense power of PlayStation 5, this version of Monster Truck Championship offers a much better picture, resolution and performance. The speed is consistently 60 frames per second, no matter how many cars are on the screen, how detailed the background is, or how ridiculous the paint job on your truck is. As you might expect, this makes the game a little more enjoyable because you don’t have to worry about input lag. Unfortunately, unlike DIRT 5 or MXGP 2020, the game does not use DualSense haptic feedback.

I have to warn you that while the PS5 version of Monster Truck Championship looks much better than its previous generation counterpart, it still doesn’t feel like a next-gen game, aside from the almost non-existent loading time. The actives are still a bit ugly and the textures are low quality. It’s still a mediocre last-gen game that uses the ridiculous power of a brand new console to hide some of its ugly scars. For example, the stunt performance is always awkward, and the sound design couldn’t be less exciting than it already is.

Cornering is always an obstacle.

The PlayStation 5 version of Monster Truck Championship fixes a number of performance issues found in previous versions, making it the definitive edition of the game. Still, it’s not as interesting as its Monster Jam competitors, as it still disappoints in terms of content and presentation.

Since Monster Jam Steel Titans 2 has just been released and performs much better on the latest and greatest systems, I must unfortunately recommend Monster Jam Steel Titans 2 for the Monster Jam Championship. But there is a good basis for a more competent and meaningful sequel. It works so well with the PS5 version that I’m actually curious to see what Teyon will do with the Monster Truck Championship franchise next.

It runs consistently at 60 frames per second, and the lighting effects are slightly improved. While this is a marked improvement over the console’s base versions, it’s not very impressive by PlayStation 5 standards. The execution of tricks still feels too grand, but the overall gameplay has improved with a solid stone frame.
That’s something that hasn’t changed at all. The narrator still lacks enthusiasm, the soundtrack is barely audible and the manual seems to prefer to be elsewhere. While the PS5 version of Monster Truck Championship doesn’t have as much content as its main competitor, it performs better than the base console versions.
Last block : 6.5

Monster Truck Championship is available now on PS4, Xbox One, PC and Switch. Next-gen versions available on PS5 and Xbox Series S/X.

Tested on PS5.

A copy of Monster Truck Championship was provided by the publisher.


How do you load…

Try it!

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Beyond the Page – A Brilliant Narrative Adventure

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Lost words : The game was released on Google Stadia last year, but is now also available on consoles and computers. Lost Words is developed by Sketchbook Games and is the fourth game with Modus Games Management Publishing : Beyond Page is a great platformer with a unique gameplay style, excellent voice acting and a very nice looking art style. Here’s our review of the computer version of Lost Words: Behind the Page, in which we jump through the pages of a magazine and chase a dragon into a fantasy world.

The story of Lost Words: Beyond the Page is probably the best thing about this title, aside from the watercolor style of the magazine pages. The story of Lost Words: Beyond Paige revolves around a girl, Izzy, who begins writing a journal to practice writing a future fantasy story. The game follows Izzy’s journey, both in writing the journal and in writing the fantasy story. It’s a little easier to confuse Izzy with the main character of the game, because you’re playing the character Izzy creates for herself for her fantasy story, not Izzy herself. The story begins with Izzy opening her journal and finishing her final thoughts on her story and the main character of the story.

At the beginning of the game you control platforms and a character from Izzy’s diary. This part of the game takes place in the newspapers, using text strings and sometimes other objects as platforms to move around. As you progress and interact with the various lines and objects in the journal, you will find that the journal’s blank pages are filled with various images and artwork from Izzy’s life. All text strings are also fully annotated, and whenever you work with highlighted keywords, you also unlock small text bundles for those phrases.

These parts of the diary are the events of Izzy’s past life, and some of them are also very touching. Izzy has had good times and sad times, all of which are recorded in her diary, and you can experience them as you go through the main story of the game. At the beginning of her story, Izzy chooses a character for her fantasy story, and you have to make choices, for example. For example, the color of the character’s dress or his name. Since I chose Grace from three possibilities, I will refer to the character as Grace for the rest of this review.

Izzy makes Grace the main character in her fantasy story, and Grace becomes the keeper of the fireflies. She becomes a guardian after finding a firefly, after which the village elder appoints her guardian of the sacred tree. But a dragon attack destroys the tree and all the fireflies are gone, so Grace goes on a journey to save the fireflies and bring them back to her village. Grace then embarks on a wondrous journey around the world. The story has two parts, Grace’s, which takes place in her fantasy world with 3D models rendered in 2D, and a diary section where you relive Izzy’s previous life.

These two parts are related, and after you complete one of them, you must complete one of the others. So it continues as a cycle. Grace has the power of magic and you can control her abilities with her Firefly, which you can control with the right stick. It can also be considered a cursor, since all it does is move through the magic words Grace finds in the world to accomplish various tasks, such as B. Make repairs, lift platforms, and even silence Grace’s footsteps to crawl across enemies or platforms. You will find several magic words, some of which are situation-specific and disappear after the current situation, while others will be written in your book forever for future use.

The game also offers a variety of options in the magazine and fantasy world form the world around Grace, as well as Izzy’s past. You can make certain choices in the diary sections that also determine Izzy’s past, and the choices you make in Grace’s world determine which world your Grace travels in. While the decision is not devastating, it does have implications for Izzy’s past and Grace’s journey. The selection is made by highlighting the words and dragging them to complete the sentences with a firefly. The selection method remains the same in both worlds, i.e. a firefly is used. This ensures an enjoyable gameplay where you feel at ease in both worlds.

Besides the brilliant story and lively platforming, another amazing aspect of Lost Words is: On the outside of the page is the design layer. Although Grace World has beautiful scenery and levels, I think mostly of the magazine section, which is absolutely brilliant. At the beginning of each page, these diary pages are blank and rather boring with a few sentences written in black ink, but some of the words are colored and as you interact with them, they open up other dialogues and some even completely change the pages with watercolor images depicting that particular scenario. They are fantastic and probably my favorite part of the game.

Lost words: Beyond the Page is a wonderful game that I cannot recommend enough to discover for yourself. The way Izzy’s fantastic story changes because of a certain event in her own life is just dramatic and really moving. I don’t want to give away too much of the story review, but this is something that many games have managed before, and I absolutely love Lost Words: Past the page for this one. The sketch sets and fourth slate have done a great job with the game.

Last block :

Lost words: Behind the Page is a wonderfully narrative game that emphasizes the story over the difficulty of the puzzles and gameplay. Although the game has a unique dual gameplay setup, understanding both types of gameplay is very easy, and I enjoyed the magazine sections of the game more than the platform sections of the title. The design of the world is beautiful, and the watercolors in magazines are too beautiful to ignore. Lost Words is easy to do in a few hours: Beyond the Page offers a unique play style, an exciting and emotional story, and a beautiful world to explore. Highly recommended for fans of platformers and immersive storytelling.

Overall score: 9.0/10

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Destiny 2 Lunar Battlegrounds and Captive Cord | Locations for the Essence of Failure

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Players will seek out Destiny 2’s Battle of the Moon locations and Filmy Cord item locations for the Essence of Failure quest, which allows them to build an Arc Logic automatic rifle. For more information on Destiny Lunar Battlefields 2 and Captive Cord below, check them out.

Cassette: Get Mod’s Wrath of Rasputin in Destiny 2 now

Destiny 2 is one of Bungie’s most popular games, and the developers continue to add many new quests and missions to keep players hooked. This time, Bungie has added a new quest, and if you complete it, you can make the Arc Logic automatic rifle. This quest is known as the essence of failure.

Get an exotic Huckleberry package for @DestinyTheGame for free with #PrimeGaming! The set consists of:

✅ Huckleberry Exotic SMG
✅Exotic Weaponry – Devil’s Work
✅Exotic Ghost Shell – Consecrated Vigilance Schiff – Bicameral Promise✅Legendary

– PrimeGaming (@primegaming) 24. March 2021

Cassette: Dungeon of the Moon Destiny 2: Dungeon of the Heresy Well.

The best mechanism in Destiny 2 that allows you to create new weapons and armor on the moon is the lantern upgrade. You can buy an extra essence of Lectern with a rare spirit core, but you will also learn that each essence during the game and play the story and missions and some other content on the moon. You can build an Arc Logic automatic rifle while playing Essence of Failure.

Cassette: European Helmet Quest Destiny 2 Guide

In Destiny 2, you must learn the element called the umbilical cord. This point may be near the Destiny 2 moon. You may not be familiar with the Battles of the Moon area, but trust me, most traders have been there.

Cassette: How to get gold in Destiny 2: New tips and the best guide for 2021

The Lunar Combat Zone is the name of the area where the first Shadow Vault mission starts. You may be wondering how to get there in the Lunar Battlefields area. The fastest way to get there is the Sorrow Harbor Landing Zone, north of the Twilight Warehouse maps.

Then jump on the sparrow and head to the northeastern part of the area. At the top of the area you will see the red basket bridge. Just walk across the bridge and follow the tunnel to the moon battlefield. Keep driving until you reach the place where you start your first story mission.

The buoy rope for the Quest Failure essence is located at the top of the central building in the area with the high antenna. When you get to this area, you will see an orientation sign, which is a marker on the umbilical, so you should have no trouble finding it. We share a video on the same topic here, check it out:

The Arc Logic is an automatic rifle that can fire up to 600 rounds per minute.

Conclusion: Destiny 2 Moon Fighting

To sum up, in Destiny 2 Lunar Battlegrounds you can use Arc Logic, an awesome automatic rifle with adaptive frame that shoots at 600 RPM.

Destiny is available to download for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

This included talk of Destiny 2’s moon battlefields and shackles for the essence of failure. I hope you like our approach.

Associated companies

frequently asked questions

How do I get the essence of failure in Destiny 2?

The method to obtain the Essence of Failure quest is to kill high-level enemies on the moon. Think of something with a yellow health bar.

Where is the movie line on the battlefields of the moon?

Unlike most other gasoline parts, the prison cord is not in the Hellmouth. Instead, go to the Sorrow Harbor drop zone in the northeast and head southeast to your sparrow. Stay on the right wall until you reach the scarlet bridge, then go straight ahead.

What is the umbilical cord of Destiny 2?

The Prisoner’s Rope in Destiny 2 is an item you must find as part of one of the Shadowkeep side quests. When you play the expansion, you get several essence quests that give you things to find or hunt on the moon, or elsewhere when it comes to a nightmarish enemy type.

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New PS5 anti-cheat system, new warzone map and much more inside!

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Welcome to a new edition of PS Weekly. I’m definitely a little late with this week’s article, but I was waiting for some official news about the upcoming Elden ring, but I understand that due to a leak that recently surfaced on the internet, the official announcements have been delayed until April. I’m disappointed about that, but I hope they can give us some new information soon. I’m really looking forward to a new FromSoftware game in my life.  A little frustration aside, there’s a lot more news to be read in this article, so without further ado, let’s get down to business!

Yesterday marked the one year anniversary of the release of Call of Duty: A war zone! After a year of playing the same map with minor changes, we may finally see a brand new map dedicated to the Cold War version of CoD, not Modern Warfare. I don’t know if today will be that day, but I hope so. The developers took to social media to thank everyone for the past year and stressed that the map will never be the same. Some speculate that 16. There will be a new map in March and other rumors are talking about April for the start of season 3, but I think April is still a long way off. It would make sense that we would see an update with a new map later today, but everyone can be pretty sure that the new map will drop.

Speaking of Call of Duty and Warzone: There’s a new anti-spy system for the PS5. Denuvo is considered one of the best companies in the world in the field of anti-firewalling and anti-tampering. The company has partnered with Sony to offer new tools to developers creating games for the PS5.

I think it’s a good thing that Sony is finding ways to keep things as fair as possible, but there’s a problem I see here that has nothing to do with Sony. These new overheat protection systems will not duplicate other platforms. I’ve seen a lot of hackers/modders at work on consoles, so yeah, I’m glad security is going up, but damn, those PC crossover gamers cheating, they do it with ease. Activision really needs to rethink its overheated protection systems and do more for the community. I know it’s complicated, but we’re talking about a billion-dollar case here. They have the means.

Naughty Dog is hiring! Yes, Naughty Dog is looking for an economy designer for a live action multiplayer game. Some people think this game will be set in the universe of The Last Of US, while others think it will be set in the universe of Uncharted. If I had to choose one, I’d go for The Last of US. I can see them making an open world survival game that is even suitable for a Battle Royale type game. We’re sure they’re working on a name for the delivery division, but other than that, everything is speculation until we get the official word. What do you think it will be?

Are there any Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles fans here? Good news. Developer Tribute Games is working on a new nostalgic TMNT title that will likely be released later this year! We don’t have an official release date yet, but it will definitely be announced in the coming weeks. The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredders Revenge is a side-scrolling arcade game that pays homage to the classic games of the 90s. I can’t imagine this is a game that will have many hours of playtime, but it will probably be worth the cheap money to buy it. I hope so.

Finally, Microsoft completed the acquisition of Bethesda Game Studios. I have mixed feelings about this. I really expect Elder Scrolls 6 to come out on both the Xbox and PlayStation consoles, but there’s no denying that some of Bethesda’s games will be exclusive to the Xbox. Bethesda is one of the companies I always thought would be an independent third party for all platforms, but unfortunately Sony and Microsoft have teamed up for a handful of buyouts, and the war for the best exclusive content will likely erupt next year! I’d say this year, but with the lack of next-gen consoles available to consumers, I don’t think the pressure is there yet.

That’s all I have for you today, but I hope you found today’s punchline useful. By the way, I couldn’t be online last month because I was suffering from what my doctor thought was the flu, but it turned out to be something much worse. After I recovered, I had my nose done, and now, after about 30 days, I’m back on track. I hope it stays that way and I get through this weekend so I can get back to my normal schedule. In the meantime, I wish you all good health and a good game!

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Monster Hunter Rise Demo: How To Beat Magnamalo

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The Magnamalo is a powerful enemy in Rise of Monster Hunters. Being able to hunt down this monster, the demo says a lot about what lies ahead in the full game. But the strikes won’t be easy. You only have 15 minutes to fight and defeat this monster before you retreat to the village and the quest fails. If you’re trying to beat Magnamalo and need advice, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s see how to beat Magnamalo in the Monster Hunter Rise demo.

How do you defeat Magnamalo in a Monster Hunter Rebellion demo?

Magnamalo is a Wyvern Fangal who looks like a purple tiger in samurai armor. The monster will attack you without missing a beat. You must have good equipment and weapons to face this monster. Parts of Magnamalo’s body, such as his mouth, back, front legs and tail, emit a purple flame called hellfire. To face this monster, you need to understand all of its attacks and abilities so that you can act and make decisions accordingly.

Although the beast is huge, it can jump and cover many areas. This makes him very agile and fast on the battlefield. When he jumps, he can shoot fireballs at you between jumps. The most important attribute to keep in mind is the disease of hell. The hellfire gradually spreads to different parts of the body during the fight. The color changes from purple to pink at the end of the fight. When the fire of hell is expelled from the body, it shakes and falls to the ground. This is your chance to do maximum damage. If you don’t do enough damage, hellfire builds up and turns pink. It explodes, causing massive damage for a wide area.

With all this in mind, let’s take a look at how to defeat Magnamalo in Monster Hunting Rebellion (MHR):

  • make sure you fight a Mizutsun, Ratian or Ratalos.
  • If you use these wyverns at the beginning of a fight, they do a lot of damage to Magnamalo.
  • If parts of Magnamalo’s body are covered with hellfire, attack those same parts. It would do a lot of damage.
  • Every time the beast falls to the ground, land as hard as you can to prevent Hellfire from turning pink.
  • It is better to continue to attack the parts of the body that are consumed by the fire of hell.
  • Avoid standing in front of Magnamalo, where he will constantly attack you.
  • Once you have a hole in which to place a pair of pliers, use the wire grab to lift yourself vertically and get away quickly.
  • If you hit the purple balls, you’ll be endangered by Blythe.
  • You can get rid of it with a punch that leaves a fireball that does damage to Magnamalo.
  • Continue to use this tail thread to shake off parasites that damage the Magnamalo whenever possible.
  • Use different tools and other monster powers like shock traps, blastoad and thunder beetle.
  • Follow all these steps and be patient to successfully hunt Magnamalo and defeat him.

That’s all you need to know to defeat Magnamalo in Monster Rising. While you’re here, also check out our guide to the new Charge Blade controls for Monster Hunter Rise Switch version.

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20 Spooky Halloween Island Ideas For Animal Crossing: New Horizons –

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You don’t have to celebrate Halloween to enjoy the scary side of things.

Go for pretty things like friendly ghosts and glowing pumpkins or dark, scary things like devious witches and creepy vibes…..

Anyway, I have some fun ACNH Halloween ideas for your island.

20. Haunted castle

Image source by @horrorcrossing

Great start, this haunted castle is so cool!

Creative use of silos, custom slabs, fences and terraforming transforms the player’s home into a gothic vampire dream house.

Tom Nook would never have made it. ….

Whether you’re a witch, a vampire, a zombie or just an emo, this is a fantastic and creative idea to change the look of your island.

What better way for your villagers to play pranks?

19. Jack O’Lantern Room

Image source @rosieggirlgamer

Something nice for me, please!

Those who don’t want to be spooked can hunt for the scare in this charming pumpkin room in bright orange.

Venetian-style striped Halloween wallpaper brings a cheerful atmosphere to a room full of pumpkins.

It’s mostly filled with pumpkin-related items and orange decorations.

Call me Cinderella, because I just might jump on the pumpkin wagon!

18. Halloween Reed Pumpkin Patch

Image source.

You can’t have Halloween without pumpkins.

And this is the best place to get them.

Choosing the perfect pumpkin to carve out is, in my humble opinion, one of the most fun parts of the party.

And this cute pumpkin patch gets bonus points for all the extra items besides the plants themselves. There’s a lantern, a table, stacked pumpkins, gourds, etc.

It’s a vibrant space, well designed without being so crazy that you can’t walk around it.

This could be your pumpkin patch.

17. Botanical potion shop for witches

image source: @nintali / @acnhcodeisland

Witches are a solid Halloween subculture, and for good reason.

They’re just one of the best parts of Halloween because they really add to it – just like that potion shop!

When was the last time you saw a ghost open a shop, huh?

Resembling an outdoor market, this creative building uses kiosks with bottles and cups filled with cool and bold sayings.

The kettle is hot and ready to prepare more reagents if needed, so don’t hesitate to make requests!

No love potions, thank you. It never works.

And I really hope the pile of bones is just a decoration and not, like, a drink gone bad.

16. narrow cemetery

photo credit: telulamay

Fortunately, the cemeteries in Animal Crossing: The new horizons are purely aesthetic and not functional.

But they make a great scary building around Halloween!

This particular idea of a cemetery is carefully laid out, with rows of graves, burning incense, and even a statue of the Mother or the Capitol Wolf.

Black flowers like roses, tulips and daisies help to keep it natural.

This doll is just annoying. I wonder if it’s haunted.

15. Spooky Island

image source by @celestialpjm

This haunted island is a fantastic example of what a Halloween island can look like.

It’s very well placed, not bland, but empty enough to give an unsettling feeling.

A large grey pumpkin blocks the foreground, while statues watch over what looks like a dark and ominous castle.

Now it’s definitely a ghost.

And the iron and stone fence fits perfectly with the dark colors. Whoa, is anyone else cold?

14. Access to Barren Island

Image source by Matcha0327

First impressions are important.

And this island is already starting to get spooky with this creative entry!

Through a maze of aisles, you’ll reach a frozen arch, pass a cart with glowing pumpkins, a table with a pumpkin-o-lantern, and many other details.

Lighted pumpkins give enough light in the dark to not get completely lost, but you still need to keep your eyes open.

Clearly, this project took a lot of work, between the custom design, the methodical collection of objects, and the DIY.

13. Haunted Hill House

Image source by Unknown

Here’s another spooky outhouse, perfect for Halloween.

A stone staircase leads to two terraced heights where an eerie, obviously haunted house watches over the rest of the (terrified) island.

The darkness and rain make it even more fascinating!

Two stone statues guard the entrance… but whether it’s to keep people out or to keep something in, I have no idea.

If you decide to build something like this, don’t accuse me of being obsessed or anything.

12. Abandoned bridge

image source from ky-0u

Be careful… You enter this abandoned bridge area at your own risk.

If the hardened bow and wrought iron don’t deter you, congratulations. You’re cool.

Where does the bridge go?

Who knows, but it could be cursed.

The black roses and tulips, as well as the quirky pumpkin objects such as the lantern and wagon, contribute to a sense of completeness and richness in the design.

Maybe it’s just a ghost that makes this place super creepy, but can you imagine this place on a foggy night?

11. Ghost Witch’s Kitchen

image source by @laurenxacnh

Have you ever heard of a kitchen witch?

It’s usually one of those things that has a great cattail vibe. Or maybe soft, muted colors.

Well, with a kitchen as scary as this one, any witch can be a kitchen witch!

Prepare macabrely beautiful desserts or just work on potions or alchemy.

With a brick oven and cooktop, there’s plenty of room to do multiple things at once.

And there’s also a good pile of wood to add to the fire. There is nothing worse than being very close to a good lover or caramelization and the heat goes out!

In the interest of food safety, you may want to remove the cobwebs. Yuck!

10. We’re watching you.

Image source by @linzb0t

You know, um… I’m just saying.

The surprise baby is scary.

Dolls are scary, otherwise there wouldn’t be so many horror movies about them.

Yes, I know it’s based on the Momotarō mythos, and Nintendo was very nice. But if you really want a spooky ghost island, get as many fish surprises as you can, put them on the ground, and you’re done.

Very scary.

9. Halloween Market

Image Source: Microchip

Are you scared yet?

Well, here’s something lighter.

It’s a beautiful market building filled with gorgeous Halloween and fall colors. You can prepare for the season by buying fruit, stuffed animals or pumpkins.

These ghosts? Maybe. But it’s fun.

Make it an afternoon activity with your favorite residents because there is so much to see! And there’s nothing better on a cool fall day.

8. Scary display

Image source @rosieggirlgamer

After sunset, only the stars and the high mushroom clouds illuminate the terrifying spectacle.

Skeletons, hanging pumpkins and even the pumpkin car have been put together to look like a skeleton pulling a car, ready to take you for a ride.

How did he get there?

Maybe that was one of Blatter’s ideas. But his owl hands couldn’t pick up all those tiny bones.

They must have been ghosts.

In any case, I would stay away for fear of being cursed!

7. Halloween passageway

image source @rosieggirlgamer

This structure is scary in a fun way, not scary.

A beautiful witch is ready to show the way through this corridor decorated with jack-o-lanterns, hay bales and other usual Halloween items.

One of the most interesting aspects of this build is that it’s not too simple, but also doesn’t involve so much DIY that it can’t be replicated.

Even if you don’t have certain things, you can trade them in.

For example, if you don’t have the pretty pumpkin on the right, replace it with a candle or a simple pumpkin!

The possibilities are endless.

6. Maize maze

Image source by poppier

Corn mazes are a classic Halloween celebration.

Corn mazes (or any maze, really!) are essential to a successful party, along with apple, pumpkin and costume contests.

It’s great, but it’s also super functional.

You can hold an IRL festival with your friends (if you have a Nintendo Online Card) and hide the prizes in a maze, for example.

Or, if you prefer a trick to a treat, maybe a lazy turnip!

5. Housekeeping

Warning Image Source

If you like Stephen King or horror movies, this is the building for you.

Unlike a regular Halloween cemetery, this Pet Sematary-inspired location is a nod to the book and movie of the same name.

It is also very easy to reproduce.

With a few extra fossil skulls and a stone marker (the DIY for this is available in the Nook Terminal at the Resident Service), you can dive in and recreate the idea on your own island!

Add a shovel, a fence and flowers, and you’re done.

4. Haunted garden

image source by @DeviantNao

Softly glowing lanterns and a few bright fruits are the only things that illuminate this enchanted black garden.

Purple and orange flowers enliven the Halloween space, and all kinds of fruit hang over a large pumpkin patch.

Your villagers will be happy to come and carve out a pumpkin, and in broad daylight.

3. Salon Sirova

Image source by @spookianmal crossing

If the spirits won’t come to you, you have to come to them.

This crystal ball and tarot set will make any kind of mystical entertainment in a witch’s parlor a pleasure.

Dried flowers, insect heads and candles create the (admittedly strange) atmosphere of this building.

Invite your friends over, sit around a round table and read palms, tell fortunes or just have fun with your ghost friends.

2. Spooky Secret Garden

Image source by @cezembre_acnh

One of the best parts about this gazebo is that it is a secret room.

Since this is the player’s house, the villagers won’t just come out and start singing, which some of them do in the square.

Don’t get me wrong, sometimes it’s fun…. but gardens are meant to be enjoyed (read: peaceful).

Enjoy a haunted garden at home by recreating this building.

Also try similar features like pumpkin painting, loose spider web and a card reading game.

The green lava lamp provides a nice green ambient light, and you can’t tell from the lamp that it doesn’t look like a suspiciously sticky water can.

1. Halloween Carnival

Image Source By Unknown

The soft, ominous creak, the sharp smell of the predicted frost, the cold wind…..

These are the things you’ll notice when you enter this obviously abandoned haunted fairground.

If a scary doll and a skeleton aren’t enough to make you nervous, then maybe an organic mannequin will.

Don’t suck the cotton candy. Because in this carnival of terror you will encounter scary clowns, not cute or funny ones.

If you design it yourself, you may want to add custom paths to match the style of your island!

Tip from the designer: A teacup can be found at the Nook Stop in the Residents Services section.

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