Cyberghost Review and Cost for India |

Cyberghost Review and Cost for India |

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Cyberghost VPN is a premium VPN service that offers OpenVPN support and it is a member of the Software Alliance – the worldwide organisation of software developers.

Cyberghost is a free VPN service provided by the Cyberghost VPN, a German based VPN service provider headquartered in Romania. Cyberghost is a relatively new service, having been launched in 2014. Though it is still in the early stages of development, its user base is already a massive 4.4M (as of our writing).

Cyberghost VPN is a great option for the people who are not able to secure their online activity. It comes highly recommended by the users because it offers great features at a very low price. If you are looking to spend less on your internet subscription, then Cyberghost VPN is a great option. It is one of the cheapest VPNs out there and offers you some great features along with it.. Read more about nordvpn and let us know what you think.

Cyberghost Review and Cost for India |

The battle between data miners and consumers is intensifying by the day. As consumers have grown increasingly worried about their privacy while using the internet, marketing behemoths and government organizations have stepped in to monitor users’ activities.

There are VPN service providers that provide the finest VPN plans to protect the user’s interests, and depending on Cyberghost may be a fantastic option if you’re looking for an inexpensive VPN service provider. So, if you’ve been wondering how to watch live videos from various countries, browse Netflix, or download torrents without revealing your true identity, Cyberghost India, a Romanian VPN service provider, may be able to help.

Keep your internet browsing private with CyberGhost India. Affordably priced but slower than other premium VPN providers, CyberGhost India is an excellent option for those who want to try out the power of a virtual private network without spending a lot of money or taking advantage of the CyberGhost free trial. The Cyberghost VPN India’s pricing is what has earned it a household brand in the VPN business. Cyberghost VPN India, which has over 10 million customers and 4700 servers in 61 countries, is making the internet a safer place for more people every day.

In Romania and Germany, CyberGhost India is well-known. They are defending people’s civil rights and promoting a free society in which individuals may use the internet without being restricted. CyberGhost VPN India is more than just a VPN service provider; they conduct events to raise awareness about censorship and security. They provide NGO’s and journalists with a free trial of CyberGhost premium security; although this may be seen as a smart marketing move, it does not detract from their goal of supporting and promoting safe and secure surfing for consumers. Although they do not provide a CyberGhost free trial connection, the CyberGhost Secure VPN does provide a variety of additional deals including a CyberGhost free trial.

Let’s take a look at the CyberGhost VPN India review and see how it might make your surfing more safe.

Price of CyberGhost in India and a free trial of CyberGhost:

cyberghost prices in

The first aspect we’ll look at is the CyberGhost VPN pricing in India, which does not include a CyberGhost free trial. There is just one bundle available. You have the option of purchasing protection for one month, one year, two years, or three years with three more months for free. Despite the fact that CyberGhost does not provide a free trial, their 45-day money-back guarantee may be a lifesaver for people who want to cancel their subscription without losing money. Subscribing or canceling a membership will be difficult due to the website’s multilingual support. You may also contact their active support staff 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for help with CyberGhost pricing or to get a CyberGhost free trial.

Visit CyberGhost.

Frame each frame, CyberGhost VPN India

Characteristic Value
Is there a strict no-log policy? Yes, you are secure.
Is this service suitable for torrenting? Yes, it’s suitable for peer-to-peer (P2P) and torrents.
Netflix catalogs that aren’t blocked US
How many connections are accessible at the same time? This service enables for a total of seven multi-logins.
Locations of the servers Over 90
Operating systems and devices that are supported Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, Amazon Fire TV, Android TV, and Linux are among the operating systems available.
Is it possible to obtain a refund? Yes, there is a 45-day money-back guarantee.
Protocols that are supported L2TP-IPsec, OpenVPN, and PPTP
Is it possible to have unlimited bandwidth? Yes
VPN encryption types AES 256-bit encryption used by the military
The total number of IP addresses is That information isn’t made public by the business.
How many VPN servers are there? More than 7,100

User-Interface Design:

Even if there is no CyberGhost free trial, when it comes to exploring the features of CyberGhost India, you will find a simple to use and seamless interface. Its most recent version, 7, is more user-friendly. You don’t need to be a computer whiz to operate it; the basic design makes it very user-friendly. With only one click, you can connect to the finest server. Even a first-time user may quickly discover the answer because to the software’s architecture. The program allows users to browse a list of servers. Users can simply choose a server location based on the activities they want to do, such as torrenting or watching live movies on CyberGhost Netflix. You can also save your favorite server so that every time you connect to CyberGhost VPN India, the chosen server is automatically selected for faster access. Find information about each server; this will assist you in selecting a server that meets your needs. On CyberGhost Netflix, you may simply change your server for a better experience or more flexibility.

Cyber Ghost VPN enables you to engage in the following activities:

cyberghost 8 windows servers

Bypass censorship by browsing privately.

With a VPN, you may now surf the internet without jeopardizing your online identity. Simply choose any VPN server and your surfing will be secure. Choose a server that is closer to your area for better performance and experience. CyberGhost encrypts all communication and supports all CyberGhost Torrent protocols. If you wish to visit a restricted website from your current location, such as CyberGhost Netflix, Cyberghost will choose a server that will allow you to connect to your website.

Streaming unblocked:

If your geolocation prevents you from accessing streaming services, Cyberghost VPN can connect you to over 40 streaming services, including Cyberghost Netflix. Whether you prefer Hulu or the BBC iPlayer. The program will allow you to continue watching videos while they are being streamed.

Because most streaming services restrict an IP address using a VPN server, Cyberghost ensures that the customer enjoys uninterrupted streaming.

Cyberghost Netflix: You may also unblock American Netflix with Cyberghost VPN. You won’t be prevented from watching your favorite programs or live videos indefinitely.

P2P is supported by Cyberghost.

Cyberghost makes torrenting and file sharing simple for you, but you can only use these services on a limited number of servers, and there is no Cyberghost free trial available. The torrent may be accessed anonymously by the user. You may torrent without disclosing your identify because Cyberghost will link you to a server that will allow you to access to websites like a torrent without revealing your identity. They didn’t keep a user’s record or traffic logs at Cyberghost. This means you can surf the web without leaving a trace. Because Cyberghost is a conscientious VPN service provider, it is almost difficult to engage in any illegal behavior when connected to Cyberghost.

Policy on No Logs:

Cyberghost adheres to a rigorous no-logging policy as part of its commitment to protect users’ privacy. Any information about the action, such as the date, traffic, or IP address, is unavailable. Every year, they provide a transparency report.


The General tab is the first tab in the settings window, and it is here that the user may choose the language. Wi-Fi protection is one of the most powerful capabilities available via the smart rule option. The VPN connection is activated every time the device connects to the Wi-Fi network. For individuals who often use public Wi-Fi, this function is very helpful. It protects your device from dangerous and unprotected websites, as well as other dangers. Cyberghost has a feature called Exceptions. This implies that while connected to the VPN, a user may view the website via a local connection. Make a list of the websites you want to visit through a local connection and add them to the exceptions list. Although it is recommended that users utilize a VPN connection for any kind of download or when accessing sensitive data, your security may be jeopardized.


The connection port may be randomized in the connection tab. The user may choose between UDP and TCP protocols.

To safeguard the user’s identity, it has a kill switch. On compatible Windows and Mac devices, Cyberghost has included a kill switch by default. If your VPN connection is lost, the client will restrict traffic until the connection is reestablished. It contributes to the protection of a user’s IP address.

Access to proprietary DNS: When you create a connection, your Internet service provider (ISP) will offer its DNS server, which means it will have access to all of your queries. Cyberghost offers its own DNS server, which users may use to circumvent restrictions.

Review of Cyberghost:

You may find CyberGhost helpful if you’re looking for value for money since they don’t provide a CyberGhost free trial. It guarantees that the user’s privacy and security are protected. It is well-liked by the general public because to its user-friendly features.


Total Score: 9

CyberGhost 7 is a secure VPN that prioritizes your privacy. It’s ideal for anybody looking for a simple VPN that allows them to browse and torrent anonymously while still watching streaming TV without restrictions. The multi-login plan is a little pricey, and customer support should definitely include a live chat option.


  • Download speeds that are fast
  • iPhone and Android users may use native VPN applications.
  • P2P and BitTorrent are permitted, and no records are kept.
  • User-friendly


  • There is no IPv6 leak prevention.
  • There is no built-in firewall (NAT firewall)
  • There is no IP binding.

Cyberghost VPN is one of the best VPN services available in the market and has a high reputation and a large user base. It has servers in more than 50 countries which makes it a great choice for customers all over the world. With Cyberghost VPN, you can get one of the fastest VPN services.. Read more about cyberghost free trial and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does CyberGhost work in India?

Yes, CyberGhost is available in India.

How much does CyberGhost cost per month?

CyberGhost is a VPN service that costs $12.99 per month.

How much does VPN cost in India?

The cost of a VPN varies depending on the service provider. In India, you can expect to pay around $5 for a months worth of service.

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