Destiny 2 Lake of Shadows Strike Walkthrough

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  • Type of assignment: Strike (Joint)
  • Location: European dead zone, Earth
  • Travel time: 10 to 20 minutes
  • Size of the fire brigade: 1-3 players
  • Recommended performance : 1050

The Heirs have begun spreading death across the European dead zone, which does not bode well for those who live there.

You and your fireteam must fight the infectious creatures before they spread on a larger scale and take over the area.

You and your shooting team must travel to Solace Land and fight your way to the source, destroying the Blights along the way.

Go to destination

Destroying fires

Make your way to the crossing and you will encounter enemies trapped in this area.

Go through the enemies and make your way to the first cursed land, but be careful with the cursed land as it can damage you.

You must break through the barrier (which you will damage over time) and destroy the core of the blight to completely destroy the blight and eliminate the infection in the area.

Continue your way and you will find another set of enemies, and the guard more damage that you have to destroy, just like you did the first one.

The scraper will be in the area after you destroy it, and you must kill it before continuing the mission.

Stolen plug

After defeating the captured destroyer, there is a small passage on the side that is blocked by a small amount of destruction.

Shoot the ball to destroy the fire blocking your path and continue your way to the old building.

After another health barrier, more Taking Power awaits you, and you’ll have to fight your way to the waypoint after that.

Finding a leader

Fight the enemies (you can fast forward most of this section and go to the last enemy) and make your way to the waypoint.

Note that the area is small and the enemies tend to overwhelm you. So make sure you keep a good distance and destroy the enemies as you make your way through.

At the end of your journey, you’ll come to a large area where the source of the plague is located and a boss fight begins.

Overcoming weeds, Consumption

Once you and your shooting team are in, the battle begins and you’ll have to deal with various Taken enemies.

You will see a large display of decay in the middle, which also has a core that you must destroy.

Destruction of the core brings up Grask, a consumable that will attack you and your fire team.

Continue to inflict damage on Grask until his health is completely depleted, but watch out for other Taken enemies that pop up.

Read other extracts from the strike below


  • Do not walk on contaminated (black) soil, as it will damage you over time while you stand on it.
  • It is better to catch them at a distance than to attack them, because they can easily swarm you.
  • If you’re having trouble destroying the burning cores, try to beat the enemies around you first so you can shoot them at your leisure.
  • Once Grask appears, you can easily kill him, as long as you are not overwhelmed by the other enemies that appear in that area.


Ghost realizes that Taken has compromised the Red Legionnaire, so they were very organized in their attack.

Once the source of contamination is destroyed, the European dead zone remains safe and uncontrolled from intruders.

The EDZ is currently safe until another such attack occurs, but residents can now rest assured that they won’t be seeing such an ugly sight again anytime soon.

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