Hitman 3 Elusive Target – The Iconoclast Silent Assassin guide

Hitman 3 Elusive Target – The Iconoclast Silent Assassin guide

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Nine Elusive Targets. One of them is a traitor. Whomever it is, Agent 47 must eliminate them in a series of one-time-only opportunities across the globe. With no checkpoints and only one chance to get it right, the pressure is on to eliminate your target with efficiency and style. And while the Iconoclast may not be the most challenging Elusive Target to date, it’s certainly the best – and we’ve got a full run-through of how to complete it.

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The Iconoclast is the second elusive target to appear in the location, which is exclusive to Hitman 3. Joanne Bayswater came to Mendoza to get new clients for her agency, which competes with the ICA. 47 stopped her in her tracks. In this guide, we will explain how to complete this mission with the rank of Silent Assassin.

Fugitive target warning

Before we begin, you should know that this assignment is very different from climbing or custom contracts. Once you start it, you have a chance to finish it. You can start the mission as many times as you want and repeat it until you have completed the tasks. The only purpose of this mission is to kill the target, so you can’t reload if it’s dead. Run the course a few times without killing the target to get used to the problems that may arise. Then, when you feel comfortable, you can start a real race and kill them.


We want to make this road as accessible as possible. This means that you don’t have to use objects that need to be unlocked. Instead, you can use Agent 47’s default launch site and equipment.

Step 1: Server become

The first thing you have to do is dress up as a waiter. Since the starting point is in the parking lot, you also have to get to the party first. To do this, walk up to the smoking guest in the middle of this area and accept their invitation.


Below is a link to the map of this invitation.


Go to the guards with the invitation and show them. That’s how you get into the party. Now you have to go to the top floor of the outer room. There is a bar and tables are set. Once at the top, it’s important to stay to the left. His target is dressed in white and standing on a balcony. If it starts to move, you have to start over. For this to work, it has to stay still until we set it in motion.

To get the waiter’s panel, go left into the large planter where the waiter is leaning comfortably against a low wall. Defeat him and put on his disguise.


Below is a link to a card for this costume.


Step 2: Get poison

Now that you’re dressed as a waiter, it’s time to take the poison. Throw Agent 47’s gun into the flowers and go up the stairs to the right. They’ll search you on the ground, but you can pass without a weapon. Go up the stairs at the front of the house and turn right onto the porch. Follow this path and you will soon see a drainpipe that you can climb.


Below is a link to the map of this drain.


Once you’ve climbed up the drainpipe, you’re in violation. This means that you must pay attention to all NPCs in the area at all times. Don’t let them see you. To get the poison, you must attack the balcony and enter the apartment. You need to find the bathroom door, to the right of the bed.


Below is a link to the bathroom door plan.


Take the car key from the nightstand before you enter the house. This is important before you leave. You’ll find the death tablets in the bathroom by the window. Take it and return to the unit the same way you came.

Step 3: Poisoned food

When you get to the party, you have to poison the food. Find the bar with the wine on it. It should be located next to the doors of the wine cellar, at the same height as the roof. There is food on the left side of this place, but it is guarded by a waiter who will notice your disguise. If the waiter is not looking in your direction, toss a coin to the right to distract him from the food.


If you can divert his attention, poison the food with lethal pills. Now it’s time to get to work.

Go to the target and start patrolling. You can do this by contacting them. Then they continue their normal activity by eating poisoned food.


See below for a map reference of the destination.


When you have called the target patrol, you can go to the exit of the car in the parking lot of the villa. Otherwise, you can sit at one of the tables and watch it die. Death tablets are considered an accidental kill, so even if everyone finds the body, it won’t affect your silent killer rating.

Alternative method of acceleration

We have a second option for those who want to kill this target quickly. You need a stun gun and a lethal syringe in the starting position of the trial room. When you’ve started the mission, run to the target. There is no particular rush, as he will remain still until you launch his patrol.


When you reach your destination, wait for her and her bodyguard to turn away from you. At this point you have to shoot the bodyguard with a stun gun. Since it is an accident, you will not be penalized in your bill. You also have to shoot the man on the bench nearby with a stun gun. If not, he’ll see what you’re doing.


Once the two witnesses are out of the way, sneak up on your target and use the lethal injection to kill him. Plus, it’s considered an accident, so finding her body won’t lower your bill. After that, any output will work.

The key to this method is speed. You have to take out both the potential witnesses and the target before they get too close to the rest of the NPCs in the area. If you don’t, people will see that you killed the target and the title of silent killer is lost forever.

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