How to play Apex Legends on a Mac

How to play Apex Legends on a Mac

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It’s a pretty common belief that Mac’s are not made for gaming, and for the most part, that statement is fairly accurate. PC’s will always be a better option for those looking to play on a desktop. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t play anything on a Mac, nor does it mean that you are restricted to the most basic of games. In fact, you can dive into one of gaming’s biggest battle royale games, Apex Legends, right now on your Mac.

So if you are wanting to bring the world of Apex Legends to to your Apple computer, then we can tell you how. Even better: you have a few options to choose from.

1. Install Windows on your Mac

Unfortunately, there is no official Mac version of the game, so you will have to find a way to get the Windows version playable on it. Your first choice should be to install Windows on your Mac via Boot Camp or Parallels.

Both will allow you to boot up Windows on your Mac and which one you choose is going to be dependent on your preferences and budget.

Using Boot Camp

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Boot Camp is designed by Apple for the sole purpose of allowing Windows and Windows programs to run on their machines. It is completely built-in to your Mac, as well, and all you will need to do is purchase and download Windows for it.

Apple has a great guide for walking you through every step of the process so installation is a breeze.

The biggest drawback, however, is that you can’t run Windows and MacOS simultaneously, so if you want to switch between the two, you will have to restart your computer and boot it up in the proper system.

Using Parallels

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That issue with Boot Camp is why Parallels could be the best option for you as it allows you to run both Windows and MacOS as the same time, giving you the ability to easily switch between the two.

It essentially acts like any app would on your Mac, where you just need to click on the icon and you can access the complete Windows experience. You can even use its Coherence Mode to create a shared interface between the two systems.

The drawback for Parallels is that it is rather expensive, coming in at $79.99. Luckily, you can find discounts on the software fairly easily. Just stay on the lookout for it.

If money isn’t an issue, then we think Parallels is the way to go since it allows both operating systems to run at the same time, making navigation and functionality so much better. But if you want to spend as little money as possible, then Boot Camp is the way to go.

Whichever program you choose, once you have Windows running on your Mac, all you need to do is install Steam or EA Origins, download the game, and start playing. It all acts just as any Windows PC would and all you need is your log-in information for each platform.

You will need to be sure you choose the right amount of storage for Windows to control on your Mac, roughly in the area of 80GB. This will ensure you have enough space for the Windows program itself and the game file.

2. Stream the game

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Cloud-based gaming is continually making advancements and you can use this method to stream Apex to your Mac.

There are a few options of streaming providers that you can choose from. Providers like Parsec, Vortex, or GeForce NOW will all allow you to stream Apex Legends right to your computer.

However, there are two caveats that come with using this method:

  1. Price of subscription to these providers
  2. You will need a strong, reliable internet connection to get the best experience.

All of these providers require you to pay for their services. They offer free trials, but the amount of time you are given during these trials is pretty low. It’s just not worth it to only get an hour of gaming in before the trial expires. If you can afford it, though, then it can be a great option.

Though it is still dependent on your internet connection. For example, GeForce NOW requires at least 15 megabits per second for 720p at 60fps, and 25 megabits per second for 1080p. Of course, we recommend using a wired connection if you are going to be streaming as wireless can be too finicky to be reliable. If you are not able to meet these connection standards, then streaming probably isn’t the right option for you.

Also note that EA is working on their own streaming platform but that hasn’t been given any official release date. But once it does drop, it could be the best option for streaming Apex Legends.

3. Use Remote Play on your Mac

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One of the best features of Sony’s recent consoles is the Remote Play function, which allows you to stream your games right onto your computer, including a Mac.

All you need to do is install the Remote Play app on your Mac and then configure the settings on your PlayStation to get it working. This entails:

  • Enabling Remote Play in your console’s settings.
  • Activating your console as your primary console.
  • Connect a controller to your Mac via USB or Bluetooth.
  • Sign into your PlayStation account on the Remote Play app.

In order for Remote Play to work on your Mac, you need one of the following OS versions or above:

  • macOS Cataline
  • macOS High Sierra
  • macOS Mojave

You also need to remember that this is going to be streaming the PlayStation version of the game, so if you are looking to play on your Steam or Origins profile, you won’t be able to. There’s also the fact that if you have a console with the game, why not just play it on there instead.

Whatever your reasons may be, if you are wanting to play the game on your Mac and have a PlayStation, this is a wonderful, free option.

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