How to reduce Excel file size? 7 methods explained

How to reduce Excel file size? 7 methods explained

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Microsoft Excel is one of the best spreadsheet programs the world has ever known. It is packed with tools to help users calculate as many numbers as possible.

However, putting all this data into an Excel file can result in a huge file size. Since Excel is not a web-based program, many people collaborate on these files via email, making the file size large.

In this article we will look at seven ways to reduce the size of an Excel file.

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One of the most immediate factors affecting the size of an Excel document is the amount of data and the number of worksheets it contains. By removing unnecessary or redundant data and/or spreadsheets, you can significantly reduce the size of your document.

A fairly simple way to reduce the size of a file is to compress or archive it. This results in a reduction of the file size by about 10=15% and requires no special software.

Just right click on the Excel file, place the mouse cursor on the Send to option, and click on the Compressed (zipped) folder button. Windows closes your file and you can share it with others.

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Excel files are saved by default as .XLS files or just as Excel files. However, you can convert the document to a binary file or an .XLSB file to reduce the size of the document.

The fundamental difference between the two formats is the way the data is stored. The .XLS format stores data in XML format, but the .XLSB format stores data in .BIN format, which reduces the file size. Because these files are smaller, they open and load faster.

As with data, too many formulas can lead to a significant increase in file size. Learn how to quickly convert formulas to values in Excel.

Step one: Select the whole worksheet or the data and press F5.

Step two: Click the Special button in the Go To window.

Step three: Select Formulas and choose OK.

Step four: This operation selects all cells that contain formulas. Now copy them with Ctrl + C.

Step 5: Go to the Home tab, hover over the arrow under the Insert Values button, and click Insert Values.

Note that volatile formulas, such as. B. OFFSET, can have an even greater impact on file size. You should try to simplify them into non-volatile formulas or convert them into values.

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When it comes to a table of images, the file size is greatly affected. The best way to avoid this is to compress the images before adding them to the Excel documents.

However, there is a tool built into Excel to compress images. Here’s how you can use it to save on file size.

Step one: Select the image you want to compress and click the Format tab.

Step two: Click the Compress Image button in the Customize group.

Step three: Select E-mail from the Authorization box and press OK,

If your spreadsheet contains a pivot table, you can reduce the file size without saving the experimental cache with the file itself.

Step one: Select a cell in the pivot table.

Step two: On the Analysis tab, in the Pivot Table group, click Options.

Step three: Click the Data tab and uncheck the Save source data with file check box. Then check the Update Data box when you open the file.

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This will not have a significant effect on the file size of your document, but if you want to restore a few megabytes, it may be useful.

Step one: Select the entire record.

Step two: Click the Home tab, and then click Delete in the Edit section.

Step three: Click the Remove Formatting button to remove all formatting.

Conditional formatting also takes up as much space as normal formatting. But removing it makes the document load faster. Every time you change the spreadsheet, the conditional formatting recalculates everything, which slows down the spreadsheet.

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