How to watch Hulu in India using VPNs |

How to watch Hulu in India using VPNs |

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If you’ve had a hankering to sneak some Hulu or Netflix into your country, you can do so using a VPN. VPNs are also great for people who need to access a country’s public Wi-Fi network—say, at the airport. But, if you’re in India, it’s worth noting that both Hulu and Netflix are blocked there. And, since the government can monitor your web traffic, doing so isn’t exactly a cake walk. Still, a VPN is a good way to go if you want to watch pirated content or stream media from a specific region.

Hulu has confirmed that it is going to launch its international version of its streaming service in India, and that the service will be available on Roku, Chromecast, and Xbox 360, as well as its own devices. To watch American content, users will need to live in the US and subscribe to Hulu’s $7.99 subscription plan.

If you want to watch Hulu in India, but you live in the US, you need to use a Virtual Private Network (VPN). VPNs are great if you are worried about your internet data being monitored or censored. In addition, VPNs are great if there’s a Geo-block on Hulu. However, Hulu doesn’t allow VPNs or proxy servers for new users. So how do you watch Hulu in India with a VPN?

How to watch Hulu in India using VPNs |

Everyone has been trapped inside their houses for a long period this year. As a result, the amount of time individuals spend viewing TV programs and movies at home has significantly risen. As a result, demand for streaming services like as Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hotstar, Hulu India, and others has skyrocketed. People may now watch their favorite TV programs and movies from the comfort of their own homes thanks to these streaming services. Simultaneously, the demand for VPNs to access Hulu India and other streaming services has skyrocketed. One streaming service, however, is unavailable in India: Hulu.

Hulu, like Amazon Prime and Netflix, is a subscription-based streaming service. However, if you are from India, you will be unable to immediately access their services for programs such as Fargo, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, How I Met Your Mother, Rick and Morty, and many more. You may be wondering how to stream Hulu in India right now. How can I view Hulu outside of the United States? Which VPN is the best for watching Hulu? Don’t worry, there’s a way around it, and we’ll teach you how to accomplish it in this tutorial. But first, let’s look at why that streaming service is unavailable in India.

Why can’t you view Hulu outside of the United States?

The streaming service’s activities are presently restricted to the United States. If you are not in the United States, you will not be able to access the platform’s content. They have placed regional limitations on their material, and the streaming service employs sophisticated monitoring technologies to identify your IP address and authenticate your location. As a result, if you are outside of the United States, they will instantly disable your access to their streaming platform. So, how can you get Hulu in India?

How to watch Hulu India

But don’t worry, there’s an easy method to get around it all. Virtual Private Networks, or VPNs, enable you to circumvent any geo-restrictions and binge-watch all of their material whenever and wherever you want! The VPN solutions enable you to alter your IP address, which allows you to bypass the limitations. So, you’re definitely trying to figure out how to stream Hulu in India, right? Let’s take a closer look.

ExpressVPN offers a 30-day money-back guarantee if you don’t like it.

What is the best way to stream Hulu in India?

It’s simple to use a VPN to watch Hulu online. All you have to do now is follow the instructions below:

  1. Obtain a VPN tool subscription. Choose the plan that best fits your needs and purchase a subscription.
  2. Install the utility by downloading and installing the installation file.
  3. Start up the program.
  4. Sign in to the application using the login credentials for the account you established.
  5. When the selection of VPN servers from various countries appears, choose the one from the United States.
  6. Go to the streaming service’s website once you’ve chosen a server.
  7. Now, go to the streaming service’s website and establish an account.
  8. Choose the plan that best suits your needs.
  9. Use the account you just made to log in.
  10. You now know where you may watch Hulu in India.

What is the best VPN for Hulu India?

When it comes to Hulu VPN services, there are a plethora of options to choose. You’ll be perplexed, and deciding on a VPN to view Hulu outside the US will take a long time. To obtain a clear understanding of the top Hulu VPN service providers, just go through the following list:

We suggest ExpressVPN above all of these Hulu VPN services. It is one of the quickest and most dependable VPN services for Hulu India, allowing you to circumvent the streaming service’s limitations.

The best VPN to watch Hulu India

Why are free VPNs risky for watching Hulu in India?

There are several free Hulu VPN providers available, but most of them will not be able to circumvent the streaming service’s geo-restrictions. Let’s look at some of the reasons why using a free VPN to watch Hulu in India isn’t a good idea:

  1. Your security is jeopardized when you use a free VPN. Some free VPNs include viruses, making you vulnerable to hacker assaults.
  2. The majority of free Hulu VPN providers include third-party trackers in their software, making it simple for your internet behavior to be tracked.
  3. Free VPN services restrict the amount of data you may use with their software and intentionally slow down your internet connection in order to entice you to subscribe to a premium subscription.
  4. Free VPNs often overwhelm you with advertisements.

Why free VPNs are dangerous for Hulu India

As you can see, free VPNs are very risky. As a result, we suggest ExpressVPN. It is one of the quickest and most trustworthy services available, and it will let you circumvent Hulu India. The Hulu VPN service is now available as an extension for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

The advantages of using a VPN to watch Hulu

If you want to view Hulu from another country, you need purchase a complete membership to a Hulu VPN service provider. The following are some of the advantages of using a VPN to watch Hulu:

  1. Increased Access — If you don’t reside in the United States, you won’t be able to watch Hulu India. So, what is the best way to stream Hulu in India? Hulu VPNs can provide you with the additional access you need to view your favorite programs on the streaming service. When you use ExpressVPN, you won’t have to worry about data or bandwidth limiting since a decent premium VPN service can circumvent the streaming platform’s geo-restrictions. These Hulu VPN services can trick the streaming service into thinking you live in another country, preventing you from being banned by their security measures and allowing you to comfortably view all of your favorite programs from the comfort of your own home.
  2. Increased Security – When using a VPN to watch Hulu, good VPN services offer full anonymity to customers. ExpressVPN, for example, can fully conceal your IP address and display the IP address of the streaming service’s servers, ensuring that your identity stays secret and you can finally figure out how to watch Hulu in India. Furthermore, most service providers do not maintain track of their customers’ internet activities. Advanced security measures provided by a premium VPN service prevent you from hackers gaining access to your personal information.


What exactly is it?

Hulu is a subscription-based streaming service that is only available in the United States at the moment. The Walt Disney Company now owns the streaming platform.

What am I able to watch on it?

You may watch popular TV series like as Fargo, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, How I Met Your Mother, Rick and Morty, and many more, as well as films such as Transformers, Minding the Gap, The Interview, and many others.

How much does it set you back?

The basic plan costs 440.58 Rupees per month, the premium plan costs 881.89 Rupees per month, the Basic + Live TV plan costs 3309.13 Rupees per month, and the Premium + Live TV plan costs 3750.44 Rupees per month.

What is the procedure for registering?

To sign up and finally put an end to the rumors about how to watch Hulu in India, simply go to the Hulu website after connecting to your VPN service, create an account using your e-mail address, choose a monthly plan that suits your needs, pay for it, and then sign in to Hulu India using the account you just created.

ExpressVPN offers a 30-day money-back guarantee if you don’t like it.


Hulu India is now one of the most widely used streaming services in the country. However, it is not available in India. Unless you use a VPN to access Hulu. It will provide you with a high level of accessibility while also safeguarding your data and identity. For this, we suggest ExpressVPN, where you won’t have to worry about data or bandwidth restriction and will be able to effortlessly watch Hulu online.

In this post we will show you how to watch Hulu in India using VPN, since Hulu is a US based website, with the usage of VPN you can easily access Hulu in India.. Read more about hulu india free trial and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Hulu work with a VPN?

Hulu works with a VPN, but its not recommended to use one.

Is Hulu banned in India?

Hulu is not banned in India.

How can I watch Hulu without VPN in India?

Hulu is not available in India.

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