Monster Hunter Rise Demo: How To Beat Magnamalo

Monster Hunter Rise Demo: How To Beat Magnamalo

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The Magnamalo is a powerful enemy in Rise of Monster Hunters. Being able to hunt down this monster, the demo says a lot about what lies ahead in the full game. But the strikes won’t be easy. You only have 15 minutes to fight and defeat this monster before you retreat to the village and the quest fails. If you’re trying to beat Magnamalo and need advice, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s see how to beat Magnamalo in the Monster Hunter Rise demo.

How do you defeat Magnamalo in a Monster Hunter Rebellion demo?

Magnamalo is a Wyvern Fangal who looks like a purple tiger in samurai armor. The monster will attack you without missing a beat. You must have good equipment and weapons to face this monster. Parts of Magnamalo’s body, such as his mouth, back, front legs and tail, emit a purple flame called hellfire. To face this monster, you need to understand all of its attacks and abilities so that you can act and make decisions accordingly.

Although the beast is huge, it can jump and cover many areas. This makes him very agile and fast on the battlefield. When he jumps, he can shoot fireballs at you between jumps. The most important attribute to keep in mind is the disease of hell. The hellfire gradually spreads to different parts of the body during the fight. The color changes from purple to pink at the end of the fight. When the fire of hell is expelled from the body, it shakes and falls to the ground. This is your chance to do maximum damage. If you don’t do enough damage, hellfire builds up and turns pink. It explodes, causing massive damage for a wide area.

With all this in mind, let’s take a look at how to defeat Magnamalo in Monster Hunting Rebellion (MHR):

  • make sure you fight a Mizutsun, Ratian or Ratalos.
  • If you use these wyverns at the beginning of a fight, they do a lot of damage to Magnamalo.
  • If parts of Magnamalo’s body are covered with hellfire, attack those same parts. It would do a lot of damage.
  • Every time the beast falls to the ground, land as hard as you can to prevent Hellfire from turning pink.
  • It is better to continue to attack the parts of the body that are consumed by the fire of hell.
  • Avoid standing in front of Magnamalo, where he will constantly attack you.
  • Once you have a hole in which to place a pair of pliers, use the wire grab to lift yourself vertically and get away quickly.
  • If you hit the purple balls, you’ll be endangered by Blythe.
  • You can get rid of it with a punch that leaves a fireball that does damage to Magnamalo.
  • Continue to use this tail thread to shake off parasites that damage the Magnamalo whenever possible.
  • Use different tools and other monster powers like shock traps, blastoad and thunder beetle.
  • Follow all these steps and be patient to successfully hunt Magnamalo and defeat him.

That’s all you need to know to defeat Magnamalo in Monster Rising. While you’re here, also check out our guide to the new Charge Blade controls for Monster Hunter Rise Switch version.

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