PureVPN Review and Cost | PureVPN Download for Chorme

PureVPN Review and Cost | PureVPN Download for Chorme

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PureVPN is one of the most well-known VPN services on the Internet. It offers extremely high security levels and strong encryption, but at the expense of speed and reliability. Does PureVPN provide what you need? Read our review to find out! PureVPN Download for Chorme

Is PureVPN your best option for a VPN for gaming? I did a test, as I can only assume you do when trying to find a VPN that is the best for gaming. PureVPN is a VPN service that allows you to select your desktop or mobile device, and it will then provide a secure connection, and they are currently providing a 30 day money back guarantee. If you decide to keep it for the long run, it will cost you $10 a month, which is much cheaper than other popular VPN services.

PureVPN is a leading VPN provider with over 2 million users worldwide. Its focus on privacy and security is evident in the fact that it is currently nominated for the Best Security/Privacy category of the VPN Awards 2017. But the VPN company is also known for offering a wide range of other services, including DNS leak protection and a Smart DNS proxy service.

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PureVPN Review and Cost | PureVPN Download for Chorme For me, using VPN connections on a regular basis is nothing new. I often travel to various cities and even countries and find myself occupied with attempting to reconnect to my favorite websites, occasionally torrenting, and, of course, trying to unblock Netflix. Pricing, performance tests, and servers with strong encryption and easy-to-install support are all things I look for before purchasing a VPN service. In this PureVPN review, we’ll look at PureVPN India’s features, as well as the benefits and drawbacks of its PureVPN chrome and PureVPN chrome extension.

PureVPN Review to Assist You in Making the Best Choice

PureVPN India has been one of the world’s oldest and biggest VPN services since its founding in 2006 (by GZ Systems). PureVPN, based in Hong Kong, has effectively managed and hosted its networks and DNS hardware, despite Hong Kong’s turbulent jurisdiction for VPN service providers. They guarantee that your data will be more safe with them than with others, and they currently provide dependable PureVPN India services.

purevpn review

Users are attracted to PureVPN because of the cheap cost, which is much lower than all other providers of similar services, as well as the availability of a PureVPN free trial. It’s simple and straightforward to use, and it’s compatible with all devices. One of the most intriguing features of PureVPN is that it supports 100% torrenting. I’m not explaining its features; rather, I’m giving you a clear picture of what I observed throughout my Pure VPN review. I can’t deny that it has certain drawbacks, such as poor performance (which is a major problem) and DNS leaks, which may cause you to fall behind. A dubious logging policy may potentially cause problems or cause you to alter your mind.

The Server List of PureVPN Will Astound You

It began with just two servers in 2006, but has since grown to be enormous. PureVPN now has over 2000 servers in 180 countries, making it simple for prospective PureVPN India customers to get started with their PureVPN India download and test out their PureVPN free trial. In my Pure VPN review, I provide the PureVPN server list, which includes:

    • In North America, there are about 670 highly optimized servers.
    • In Central America, there are more than 12 servers (all of them are well optimized).
    • In South America, there are 85 servers.
    • In Asia, there are over 320 servers (in different nations)
  • There are 150 servers in Africa.
  • In Europe, there are around 805 highly optimized servers (in different nations)
  • Oceania has almost 90 servers.
  • PureVPN addon is available, which may be extremely helpful for people.

The Table of Contents

Characteristic Value
Is there a strict no-log policy? No, some information is recorded.
Is this service suitable for torrenting? Yes, it’s suitable for peer-to-peer (P2P) and torrents.
Netflix catalogs that aren’t blocked US
How many connections are accessible at the same time? This service enables for a total of ten multi-logins.
Locations of the servers Over 140
Operating systems and devices that are supported Windows, iOS, macOS, Linux, Android, and Chrome are all supported.
Is it possible to obtain a refund? The money-back guarantee is valid for up to 31 days.
Protocols that are supported PPTP, IPSec, L2TP/IPSec, IKEv2/IPSec, OpenVPN TCP, OpenVPN UDP, SSTP, WireGuard are all examples of VPN protocols.
Is it possible to have unlimited bandwidth? Yes
VPN encryption types AES 256-bit encryption used by the military
The total number of IP addresses is That information isn’t made public by the business.
How many VPN servers are there? More than 2,000

All Devices and Operating Systems are Compatible

PureVPN India and its PureVPN free trial are compatible with almost all devices and operating systems, including smartphones, tablets, laptops, computers, and other devices, as well as improved connection to all operating systems, including Windows, Android, Mac, iOS, and Linux. PureVPN may also be configured to operate with routers, browsers (Chrome, Firefox), smart televisions, and streaming services such as Amazon Fire, Chromecast, and Roku.

Not to mention the Virtual Router Feature, which PureVPN India just introduced for Windows Devices, allowing users to connect up to 10 devices while working seamlessly on a Windows Desktop or Laptop with Router. You may use this method to connect your VPN service to your network and a virtual router at the same time. Different devices can be easily connected this way. Split-tunneling is another fantastic feature that makes PureVPN an excellent choice. It assists you in segmenting your data according to your requirements.

Keep in mind that neither the full version nor the PureVPN free trial include TOR. You may, however, combine VPN with the TOR Network to provide an additional layer of anonymity and security. This is a detail that we will not go into in this PureVPN review.

It also has kill switch capabilities to guarantee that your privacy and anonymity are never compromised; as a result, your personal information is always safe and secure and never shared with anybody. In my PureVPN review, I have a lot more to say about connection and the NAT Firewall add-on, which keeps you safe and secure from any hacking vulnerabilities.

Its Netflix Unblocking feature makes it an excellent choice since it connects to Netflix through 2-4 servers. Not to mention its 256-bit AES encryption and protocol, OpenVPN, L2TP/IPSec, and even IKEv2. While writing this PureVPN review, I had a lot of fun with it.

Netflix and PureVPN are two of the most popular VPN services.

Apart from the PureVPN free trial, what frequently persuades customers – particularly Netflix fans – to proceed with the PureVPN download is the connection with Netflix through 2 to 4 servers — Netflix servers that function correctly. I double-checked and discovered that everything was in order. To access Geo-Blocked Netflix material from various regions, customers formerly favored and even utilized VPN tunneling services. The streaming (finally) triggered a block mechanism that prevents VPNs from being used in this procedure. I tried out several PureVPN servers with Netflix and was able to connect.

I discovered that PureVPN servers in Canada, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, and even the United States (a few and chosen ones) connect to Netflix for this PureVPN review.

purevpn review

All Protocols are supported.

Throughout my Pure VPN review, I’ve observed that hacking has grown more frequent, which has led to consumers focusing on VPN connection for privacy, security, and to avoid personal information leaks. VPN services provide secure encryption and protocols. Hackers may read your emails, steal your session cookies, and steal your personal information or passwords. When you use free Wi-Fi in public areas, you are more likely to be targeted by hackers. PureVPN offers the appropriate solutions to ensure that you don’t have to be concerned about anything. You may use PureVPN to connect to all main protocols, including OpenVPN, L2TP/IPSec, PPTP, SSTP, and even IKEv2. OpenVPN is the best option for combining security and speed. L2TP/IPSec is also a good option, depending on your device’s capabilities. However, their PureVPN free trial may restrict you from some of these choices.

Encryption that is strong

What more could you want for than industry-standard robust encryption, which PureVPN India Pure VPN review provides? It’s critical to avoid hackers who use a variety of methods to figure out your passwords and pin numbers, including repeated, lightning-fast, and other methods. Government entities throughout the world utilize 256-bit encryption, which is one of the most secure connections available. After doing this PureVPN review, I’ve discovered that it will undoubtedly keep you safe and liberate you from the threat of hackers. Your privacy is completely protected and secure with this encryption. You are completely safe and secure while switching from one IP to another among more than 80,000 possibilities.

Torrenting is permitted.

Because copyright infringement lawsuits have grown more stringent and are flooding the market, VPN companies should avoid using P2P servers. During this PureVPN Review, I discovered that PureVPN has a solution for it by utilizing certain torrent-friendly servers that enable torrenting.

Support through live chat

Getting the correct answer to a question and receiving a fast response is critical for every user, which is why you’re reading this PureVPN review! PureVPN offers fast live chat support to guarantee that your queries are promptly addressed by a knowledgeable customer care team. During my Pure VPN review, I personally tried the live chat feature and found it to be acceptable, providing the appropriate solutions. It provides with a fast live chat system that answered all of my queries immediately. In this PureVPN review, they get bonus points.

PureVPN’s Price and Monthly Plan Options

PureVPN provides monthly options that will convince you to download PureVPN.

  • The monthly subscription, which costs $10.95 a month, is the most costly option.
  • The six-month plan is much more cost-effective, costing $8.33 each month.
  • The greatest deal is the Annual Plan, which costs $77.88.
  • The 7-Day Trial plan is the most popular, with a monthly price of $6.49 after the trial.

purevpn pricing

You have the option of using whatever payment method you choose, as well as untraceable Cryptocurrencies mentioned in the payment choices. You will have a variety of payment choices. One of the benefits is that you will get a 31-day money-back guarantee.

Surprising PureVPN Features to Keep You Connected

The PureVPN review I’m providing today includes features such as a kill switch, support for all main protocols, connection to more devices, and support for all protocols, as well as DDoS protection, sophisticated port forwarding, split tunneling, and a NAT Firewall.

These are advantages, however keep in mind that killswitch may fail (on occasion) and you may have problems.

PureVPN’s download speed is sluggish.

Everything points to this VPN service being the best option, however I’m not convinced about the speed that I personally tested throughout my PureVPN review. I also tested PureVPN’s performance on US servers, which was sluggish – 28.56 Mbps download and 29.43 Mbps upload.

EU servers are in the same boat, with download speeds of 32.12 Mbps and upload speeds of 24.41 Mbps. Hong Kong’s speed, as well as those in other Asian countries, is slower than expected. The download speed was just 9.33 Mbps, while the upload speed was only 4.77 Mbps. During this PureVPN review, UK servers performed better than others, with a download speed of 69.29 megabits per second.

I read many Pure VPN reviews and discovered a lot more information regarding DNS, IPv4 and IPv6 leaks. I’ve seen many reviews in which customers claim that DNS and personal IP addresses were leaked when utilizing PureVPN services.


My PureVPN Review conclusion: From the recommendation point of view, I recommend you PureVPN at some points and suggest you not to use at other points. In terms of live chat, it is ok with a quick response. However, speed is the issue that will disturb you or may increase your irritation level. PureVPN offers better services with a wide selection of servers in almost 180 nations – more than 2000 servers. Netflix Unblocking, Torrenting allowed, privacy, etc are some good options. Logging issues or DNS leaks, etc are some issues that may disturb you a bit. If you choose an annual plan, it is far affordable; while subscription for one month is a costlier deal, and if you’re still not sure, make sure to take advantage of their PureVPN free trial. I hope you’ve enjoyed this Pure VPN review.


  • High-speed internet access
  • Features
  • Performance and Speed
  • Money well spent
  • User-friendliness


  • Only a few African nations are covered.

PureVPN is a VPN service that offers a lot of features at a very low price. It is a safe, quick, and easy way to unblock your favorite sites and secure your internet connection.  PureVPN protects your privacy and secures your connection with their secure, 256-bit-strong VPN tunnel.  With PureVPN, you can rest assured that your connection will be encrypted, safe, and secure.  Furthermore, PureVPN offers a no-log policy that keeps your data secure from third party tracking and monitoring.  In addition to these security features, PureVPN also has a network of over 700+ servers and dedicated apps for operating systems like Windows, Mac, Android and iOS, and even a Chrome extension.. Read more about purevpn download mac and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does PureVPN cost?

PureVPN is a VPN service that costs $10.99/month for one year, or $2.08/month if you pay for 6 months upfront.

How do I install PureVPN on Chrome?

To install PureVPN on Chrome, you will need to download the extension from their website and then click the Add Extension button in your Chrome browser.

Which VPN is best for Chrome?

The best VPN for Chrome is ExpressVPN.

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