Raid Land Classes, Sub-Classes, and Map Guide

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In the summer of 2015 we were introduced to the world of Skyline. This new mode was a completely new way to play Call of Duty. It was fun, new, and exciting, but its also tough.  In this blog I will be going over Raid Land classes, sub-classes, and map guide.

First off, you’ll need a team to take down bosses. Raids can be done by up to 10 people, but the difficulty of the raid and the quality of drops scale based on the number of people. The raid itself will be broken down into three phases. All of the bosses in the raid have to be defeated in order, but you do not have to do them in any particular order. Blog: Main content of the blog, like the rest of the blog, should be in the form

In this guide, we’ll cover the character classes and subclasses you can use in RaidLand. If you are one of those players who are new to the game, make sure to check out this guide as it will definitely help you in the long run. We will also provide you with some maps to showcase your skills in Raid Lands.

To get a general idea of the game, you need to understand what classes and subclasses exist in Raid Lands. Below is a list of playable characters in the game.

Classes and subclasses of raw land


Let’s forget the Raid Land wiki and find out for ourselves what this wonder is all about. In a nutshell: It’s a character who throws an axe and fights with it. This is a unique class that includes both distance and short range skills. The class is not distinguished by special health or energy values (no powers).
I don’t really want to talk about character perks, and they’re not as interesting as level 5 perks.

Grim Berserker

If you want the satisfaction of watching your enemies lose health and you gain health, then this Berserker class is for you. The working principle of this class is crystal clear.

A reaper enchants his scythe with incomprehensible black magic, causing his enemies to flash and turn to ash, while our reaper takes their health for himself. A little embellished? YES. But the message got through. The reaper throws a scythe, and enemies in the bullet radius lose XP. In fact, I don’t even know what to say.

Wild Berserker

For me personally, one of my favorite freshmen. A ferocious berserker that can crush a lot of enemies and turn their bodies to mincemeat. Those who survive and try to escape from him, he can pounce on his prey, slow it down and break it in two with his hammer.

Comparing Wild and Gloomy Berserker, it may be immediately obvious who many will prefer. BUT! A wild Berserker is just that: He can crush entire groups of enemies with his jump, he can slow down and take as many people with him as possible. So my preference is for a wild Berserker.


Here we come to the dirtiest and most dishonest class in the game. Warrior. I don’t even know how to describe it. Completely unfair class in the game. This is all thanks to its main feature: the screen. Thanks to the shield, it can reach you very quickly and shave you in seconds.

The only place you can reach a warrior is his back, at least try, but you can’t pierce him from the side or from above, only from behind. But you can still break through it by breaking its shell. It’s easy to do, just shoot or hit his shield until it breaks, then the warrior will open up and you can kill him safely.

He can also jump into a crowd of enemies and Dash, but that’s not as important as his shield, so you have to play carefully against him and not go one-on-one.

Golem Warrior

Oh, my God. Do I really have to take this monster apart? You know, everything I said about the standard warrior of these colors applies to the same person you don’t want to meet in a dark alley. So… Let’s take a little tour and see what he’s got.

This subclass can create a dome around itself that does not allow arrows or berserker axes to pass through. That is, this warrior jumps to the ground with all his weight, creating a circle that nothing passes through. Basically, this subclass is incapable of dying. Do you have to play this class or not? It’s up to you.

Warrior Immortal

This subclass, like the Savage Berserker, has also received little attention from players, but I’m going to talk about it anyway without beating around the bush. The importance of this subclass lies precisely in the hyphen. This subclass is also underrated, but is still quite powerful and should be studied to be played.

Sagittarius (Hunter)

Finally, the best class according to many. Sagittarius is a class you have to learn to play. Ideally, it should be in the long range category, which means it’s hard to find. The constant bombing makes it impossible to reach.

The ebb and flow allows it to be with you at a distance. If the archer jumps, he can also stay in the air for a while, allowing him to aim at you. The only drawback is the small amount of energy available in the game. But if your hands grow in the right place, this is not a disadvantage for you, because as I said, you cannot be approached.

Falcon Archer

If you suddenly feel the urge to become even more agile, the Falcon Archer is your choice. A completely elusive archer who, if you press the jump button twice, begins to soar through the air like a bird. Allows you to escape, even at the most inescapable moment.

Shadow Archer

Another elusive subclass that can become invisible and is nearly invisible to its enemies. Why almost? Let me explain. Although this class becomes invisible, you can still know where it is from its traces, even if it sometimes blends into its surroundings, for example. B. on a winter map. Even if you hit it with an arrow and it becomes invisible, the arrow will not vaporize, but you can also follow it through the arrow.

These were all the classes and subclasses the game had to offer. Each subclass costs 2250 gold and it takes a long time to pump them out. In section 4, I explain how to collect gold and XP quickly and correctly.

Fallback cards

We won’t dwell on this part for long, as there are only 3 cards. So, here we go!


This card is neutral in itself. My point is. This map is very easy to understand, but the map itself is narrow and there are many small spaces, which is good for berserkers and warriors. Archers are very hard to open on this map, as it’s pretty hard to dodge in tight spaces, but nothing is impossible.

There are 4 slots for the gold box, 2 at the bottom, 2 at the top (indicated on the card by a gold square). In the last few minutes, a sandstorm comes in, reducing visibility.


The only association that comes to mind with this map is cold Siberia. The map itself is designed for distance fire, lots of cover, lots of hills. While the map itself is beautiful and even hypnotic, it is awkward for the tribe locations, as they are arranged in a circle rather than on a line. This makes you turn in different directions.

The map has many walls that allow players to kill you covertly, and you won’t even be able to tell where they killed you from. And like I said, the map has a lot of hills that anyone can climb, and the game as a whole will not turn into a gold hunt, and a cs 1.6 parkour map. And this card turns you into a blind kitten at the last minute that doesn’t know where to run. Try doing it yourself at the last minute and you’ll see what I mean.


For this map, I also added this section. This is the only map that gives freedom to all classes. There are only 3 gold chests on this map (the only map with 3 chests). Very easy to understand map, with open terrain that makes it easy to master each class.


So much for this guide to rampage. We would like to thank tilt.naxuy for this detailed guide to Raid Land. Feel free to try it on Steam.

This source has been very much helpful in doing our research. Read more about berserker raid land and let us know what you think.

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