Reasons for being: Trait and Civic: RP Advice

Reasons for being: Trait and Civic: RP Advice

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In Stellaris, different governments and races can have the same civilization and character traits. However, this does not mean that the source of this force must be exactly the same. Just because two races are strong doesn’t mean they are both muscular barbarians. One may have a super-powerful exoskeleton, while the other may create additional tentacles to achieve the same result.

The following are examples of model attributes that can have different existences. Can you tell us how your racial characteristics and politeness came about?


  • -This breed has a huge ego. They could easily accomplish the task assigned to them, but why should they humble themselves with such useless work?
  • -This breed is not physically suitable for heavy work. The large bulbous body makes it difficult to do unskilled work.
  • -This race is childish. Their attention wanders when they are forced to do a task they don’t want to do. But when they find something they like, they get fixated.


  • This race is full of muscle. Even the weakest part of their race has a Herculean physique.
  • This breed has dense and specialized muscles. Although they have a normal looking body, the muscles can take more pressure and endure more stress.
  • This race is capable of forming a large number of tentacles with which it can move large objects.
  • The body of this breed is reinforced with an exoskeleton.


  • -This race is a large creature that can take many blows before it collapses.
  • -This race has several superfluous organs that allow it to survive deadly blows.
  • -This breed has tremendous maternal instincts and will lash out if their loved ones are threatened.
  • -This breed has a specialized adrenal gland that can work overtime when needed.


  • -This breed likes shiny things. -Yeah.
  • -This variety makes it easy to identify the risk factor in any situation.
  • -This breed tends to stockpile when threatened.
  • -This breed has very sensitive eyes that allow it to notice small details of merchandise.


  • -This creature is for the most part physically attractive, with subtle symphony and refined details.
  • -This breed is very sensitive to social cues, so it can react quickly to fops.
  • -This creature is highly intelligent and uses its mental acuity to evaluate the actions of its fellow creatures.
  • -This breed is childlike and friendly. They rarely feel threatened.
  • -This race is tough and intimidating. -Yeah. But something mysterious draws you to them.
  • -This breed has a slight psionic field that helps the creature respond to social situations.

Of course sociologists

  • -This creature is socially perceptive and notices changes with a somewhat mechanical eye.
  • -This breed was originally trained in the basket, so they can always observe and understand social interactions.
  • -This breed has an implicit psychic bond that allows it to better understand social situations.

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Post Causes of his : Chert and Civic: RP tip for the game Stellaris.

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