State of Survival – How To Increase Battle/Troop Power

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Your combat power, also known as troop strength, is important in State of Survival.

This is a combined measure of your strength in terms of troops, heroes, buildings, technology, etc.

It is essential to have a strong base and a powerful arsenal of troops and heroes, as they will ensure your survival and victory in battle.

Combat power can be used to determine whether or not it is a good idea to fight a particular enemy, and also who is suitable to join your alliance.

You can increase your combat power in Survival State by upgrading existing buildings in your base, constructing new buildings, recruiting troops, researching new technologies, acquiring and upgrading heroes, and improving yourself as a leader.

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What is combat power?

Combat power is a measure of the total power of your entire base in the survival state, including troops, heroes, and technology.

You can see your current combat power next to the player icon in the upper left corner of the game.

Combat power status is a quick indicator of a player’s strength.

Knowing a player’s combat power is very useful in deciding whether to attack them or not.

Moreover, the combat power of alliances is often used, as its value can be used as a condition for new members to become strong players.

How to increase the combat power

There are several ways to increase your combat power in survival mode.

In short, to increase your combat power, you can upgrade buildings or build new ones, train more units, recruit or upgrade heroes, research new technologies, improve your leader and progress through the game.

Buildings are necessary for your base to function, and owning higher level buildings increases your combat power and opens up development opportunities.

We recommend that you broaden your base as much as possible.

Concentrate on your headquarters, as this building determines how much you can upgrade the rest of your buildings and how fast you can progress.

As you unlock more buildings, build them on your base to increase your combat power.

Troops, also known as units, play an important role in the game’s battles. The more troops you train, the greater your combat power.

Heroes are leading units with special abilities and bonuses that greatly influence the outcome of battles.

Recruit and upgrade heroes to increase your fighting power in Survival State.

By researching new technologies, you unlock powerful new upgrades for your base and troops while increasing your combat power.

Your base boss, which is essentially you, the player character, plays an important role in the game, both for battles and general bonuses.

Upgrading and improving your base bar will also increase your overall combat power.

Finally, you can increase your combat power as you progress through the game.

By completing various tasks, defeating enemies, etc., you gain a small amount of combat power.

Learn how to increase your combat or troop strength in Survival State here!

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