The Most Brutally Honest Anime Characters (Ranked) –

The Most Brutally Honest Anime Characters (Ranked) –

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Lying is part of being human.

Whether you’re lying to avoid hurting someone’s feelings or to explain your surfing history, we all lie sometimes (right?).

However, some characters in the anime did not follow this rule and were as honest as a person can be. Maybe too honest.

We look at these obvious quirks while listing some of the anime’s most brutally honest characters.

10. Mako Mankanshoku

Anime: Death, death, death

Mako has no filter and spits out everything that comes into his mind.

To Ryuuko’s great annoyance, she has no sense of TMI. And will elaborate in great flights about her sleeping habits, or the obsession she has with her clothes.

But she’s so nice that I can’t possibly like her for that.

From that point on, the brutal part of this ranking softens (at least for Mako).

But there is no doubt that she is as honest as can be.

9. Goku

Anime: Dragon Ball Z

Goku has cemented a lot of the characters’ styles in the series:

Fearless, a bit stupid, obsessed with fighting and awkward when it comes to lying (just to name a few).

He’s the kind of guy who literally tells his teenage son that everyone he loves will die if he doesn’t win the fight.

He is even honest with his enemies and likes to tell them how much stronger they are than him.

This man is an idiot. But at least his heart is in the right place.

8. Satoru Guodjou

Anime: Jujutsu Kaizen

Guojou has reached such a level of power that lying isn’t even necessary anymore, since no one can really punish him for telling the truth.

He is very open about his desire to take down a superior witch and likes to explain his skills to his opponents.

After all, many witches do this to increase their power. I think Gojou is doing this just for fun.

I mean, he takes special classes like it’s kindergarten. So I doubt the extra power is needed anyway.

7. Gon Friss

Anime: Hunter x Hunter (2011)

Like Goku, Gon also has this main character Shunen who is honest with him.

However, for most programs it is not as visible as for KaCarrot.

For the Chimera ant bow.

Gon came up with one of the fiercest comebacks I’ve seen in a long time, when Killua tried to dissuade him from his revenge.

And while I felt sorry for my boy Killua, I was also a little surprised that Gon was pushing him so hard.

6. Yuki Nagato

Anime: The melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

Spoiler alert here: but Yuki is actually a living AI, sent to gather information.

As such, it doesn’t have to be cheating or anything.

She answers when asked and remains silent when others speak, for she exists only to gather information.

Even if she goes through the same situations thousands of times, she usually sticks to her desires and actions because they represent what she wants at that moment.

Cuuderes tends to be very honest. So, since Yuki is a real stunner, she’s the perfect candidate for this list.

5. Kazuma Satou

Anime: KonoSuba

It’s just that Kazuma is built differently when it comes to writing hieroglyphics.

He is extremely open about everything that annoys him and will be as brutally honest as he wants to be in any situation.

I would say he has no respect for the recipient’s feelings or even how people treat him.

The man just wants to blow off steam.

And since we delayed our Summoning King, I just had to add it to the list! Especially since it’s one of the most realistic portrayals of brutal honesty in anime.

4. Naruto Uzumaki

Anime: Naruto

Big surprise, I know.

Another main character from Shunen.

Naruto is so open about his hopes, dreams and weaknesses that it’s almost irritating.

Sometimes I wish he would keep his tragic story to himself. But I can also respect honesty.

That’s probably why he doesn’t talk about jutsu, because his honesty surprises people.

He’s also one of those guys who really means it when he says, I will never give up no matter how many times their target tries to kill them with lightning, Sasuke.

3. Senku

Anime: Dr. Stone.

Senku is a man of science. And as such, he believes only in facts and logic.

It’s not surprising that he can’t bring himself to lie, even if it saves his skin.

Even when Tsukasa literally tells Senku that he’ll kill him if they’re not on the same page, Senku just asks him to be quick.

And if Senku is bluffing, all you have to do is ask and he’ll admit it. This is a bit counterproductive.

2. Hitagi Senjugahara

Anime: Monogatari Series

If everyone were as honest with themselves as Senjugahara was with Araragi, world peace would come naturally.

Although in the beginning, once she decides to trust you, there is no filter between her soul and your ears.

She talks freely about her complexes, her quirks, her failures in the family and everything else you can imagine.

Even if she lives or dies, she stays at 100 and tells it like it is.

1. Levy Ackerman

Anime: Attack on Titan.

Both Levi and Erwin are honest about their guilt. But Levy is definitely more on the violent side of things.

If we talk about everyday situations, he will always tell you when you look sloppy, and he will never pretend to be your friend.

But what really impressed me and made him my first choice was his fighter mentality.

When Eren asks him if he should follow orders or trust his instincts, Levi bluntly tells him that there are no right answers and that even he, as a squadron leader, doesn’t know what to do or what will happen.

No wonder his comrades consider him a god.

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