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Everyone loves a good pair of yoga pants.

They have to be one of the best modern inventions.

Forget electricity and plumbing, the true wonder of humanity is the skinny pants that lend themselves to an infinite number of outfits and activities.

Even jeans that are as sturdy as your favorite can be a little oppressive at times.

But really, you never have to worry about your yoga pants ripping, falling off, or restricting your movement. Not to mention that they are a much more practical alternative.

And your Sims will no doubt thank you for adding a few extra yoga pants to their wardrobe, so check out this CC list and see what you can find.

1. MP Yoga Trousers

Look at this CC

It’s always good to start with something new and unique.

And these pants from MartiPa meet both criteria perfectly.

The brightly colored stripes give the bottom half of your sim an almost psychedelic effect. And honestly, I think it’s great.

Light colors like pink, yellow, green and white go well with black. This creates a unique, high-contrast look.

2. Multilayer Yoga Pants

Look at this CC

W-Sims made sure that you can eventually put a pair of yoga pants under the other shorts.

In real life, people do this all the time.

So it is a mystery why our simulations are so limited.

Yoga pants under shorts are a quick fix if you’re worried about modesty or warmth, or if you just want to look more stylish.

The coolest part is that they are available for both men and women, so no one has to miss out.

3. Sports pants collection

Look at this CC

Much has been said about Simmer.

Our expectations are too high, or we are picky.

And there’s always the persistent rumor that many players have a sadistic side and like to see their Sims die…..

But if there’s one thing that will never be said, it’s that our Sims look pretty damn bad.

I am not exaggerating when I say that most of us spend at least half of our playing time in the CAS. So naturally you want to have good clothing options, and there are plenty of those.

If that’s what you love, then this collection of sweatpants from Pinkzombiecupcakes is a must.

There are twenty different models of the latest and greatest Nike styles, in a variety of beautiful patterns and colors.

4. Yoga Legging

Look at this CC

Why do black pants with a white stripe look so good?

So simple, yet classic.

There are also other designs for this CC available in beautiful bright colors if you want something fancier. Plus an all-black option.

Like most popular yoga pants today, they are shaped and slightly shortened in the legs.

I don’t know who decided we look better with bare ankles, but I’m glad they did.

Somehow, you always look a little more put together than slobber pants.

5. White Yoga Trousers VS

Look at this CC

At first glance, I couldn’t believe how familiar he looked to me. And I was wondering if this was a conversation from another game.

Then I remembered that VS stands for Victoria’s Secret, and that’s where I’ve seen them before.

Being one of the most popular and coveted brands in the world, girls all over the world are looking for Victoria’s Secret clothes. Especially of their PINK line.

Every decent clothing manufacturer now offers sports options. It’s no surprise that VS always knows how to bring out the best in people: Comfort, style and individuality.

Maybe it’s not really individualism when so many people have the same thing. …. but it means it’s worth saying something about.

6. Basic yoga pants

Look at this CC

Wouldn’t it be great if you could have 35 pairs of your favorite pants in different colors?

I guess it’s theoretically possible, if you want to spend a lot of money on essentially the same thing.

Sims doesn’t have those concerns.

You can change the shape of his pants in an instant. And with such a wide selection of options here, you might decide to have more than one yoga-based pants outfit.

There are shades of yellow, green, blue, purple, pink and red, from light to dark, with everything in between.

7. Elastic Yoga Pants

Look at this CC

Personally, if I had to wear any of the pants on this list, I would probably choose this one.

They just look comfortable.

High-waisted yoga pants are the perfect garment to wear all day, whether you’re jogging, lounging at home, or doing both.

My Sims have a much more varied style now. I’ll do it.

They don’t have to worry about their clothes getting dirty or ripped.

Whether you choose one of these beautiful designs for your Sims casual or sportswear, they certainly won’t disappoint.

8. Simulation Yoga Pants

Look at this CC

Finally, we have an opportunity for your Sim – we don’t want him to feel left out!

These workout pants are exactly what I imagine a relaxed yoga enthusiast would wear.

They may be stereotypes, but they look good.

I’ve never seen anyone dress like a slut in a yoga class. I think it would be some kind of oxymoron or something…..

How do you find your inner peace when your clothes are a mess?

But these yoga training pants also have a very practical aspect. Don’t worry about them hanging down your legs either, as they are cut off just below the knee.

They also hung around my thighs, with the laces tied in a bow. And you can’t go wrong with 20 samples.

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