Top 10 best weapons in Hitman 3

Top 10 best weapons in Hitman 3

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In their latest release, players can choose from one of the most extensive weapons in the history of the Hitman franchise. From sniper rifles to rubber ducks, he really does have it all. In this guide, we cover the top 10 weapons at his disposal.

Before we get to the list, let’s get some things straight. First, this list includes items that players can give to Agent 47 during mission planning. These include weapons that allow you to start a mission or pick them up from hidden storage areas in a certain location. Therefore, this list does not include items that Agent 47 can pick up and use as weapons in the various locations he visits.

We start at the bottom and rank each weapon according to its usefulness in taking out the target, not necessarily its ability to kill.

10. Guru Metic Garnet


Dropping things is an incredibly unique grenade. It was added in Hitman 3 with Gauchito’s Escalation of Antiquity. Agent 47 can drop it near a single enemy or a group of enemies. After about a second, the device explodes, releasing a cloud of poison that causes nauseating poisoning to anyone within the blast radius. They force them to the nearest ship and rip out their entrails.

The best thing about this weapon is that it draws the attention of all the NPCs nearby, so every target in the vicinity gets caught in the explosion. Anyone who deals with the cloud also becomes extremely vulnerable. It’s a great tool for getting up to all sorts of mischief, especially if you aspire to the title of Silent Assassin.

9. ICA micro radio transmitter


This unobtrusive item in Agent 47’s arsenal can be used both lethally and non-lethally, doubling its effect. If you want to dominate a target at a specific patrol point, attach it and activate it whenever you want. However, if you want to electrocute your target, you can drop it into a suitable puddle and watch the target fry by activating it as it runs through the puddle. The beauty of this weapon is that you can activate it anywhere. So if you have the NPC patrol schedules in your head, you can significantly reduce your mission time.

8. Emetic bottle


The vomit poison is Agent 47’s bread and butter. If someone swallows these things, they should go to the nearest toilet or trash can to vomit. This is a good way to isolate targets from any bodyguards they may have. With a bottle of emetic, you always have the poison with you. This opens up the possibility of poisoning targets by placing them far ahead of where the patrol is taking them. This article was useful in The elusive purpose of impostors.

7. Fibre optics


We all used it. This is the simplest weapon Agent 47 is known for. In fact, the fiber optic cable is so iconic that every location in Hitman 3 presents a challenge. The most convenient aspect of this weapon is that Agent 47 can carry it anywhere. It even passes a search test and is a handy lethal weapon when you finally get close to your target. The fact is that these weapons are so versatile that they are included in this list. It doesn’t have much range, but it disables the target and puts the 47 agent in a drag position in one motion.

6. Explosive golf ball


Some see the golf ball as explosive and see in it a weapon suitable for a very specific murder. Agent 47 looks at it and sees all the possibilities. This weapon is the starting point for two-story missions to kill golfers, but it is also an extremely deadly device that can go undetected. Agent 47 can rest this up and no one will suspect he’s up to something. Once thrown, this weapon causes a rather violent explosion that kills anyone who touches it. This is the perfect way to kill multiple targets explosively without anyone seeing it coming.

5. Remote Controlled Exploding Duck Classic Rubber Duck


One of the more unconventional long-range explosives in Agent 47’s arsenal. This device would not be considered lethal and would not be discovered during a search. You can then throw it or drop it until you decide to blow it up. Because it’s not something you’d expect outside of the bathroom, NPCs are used to picking up this item. That’s why it’s the perfect thing to throw at an unsuspecting target.

4. Lethal injection vial


Now we have the most useful weapon in the game. A bottle of deadly poison. Agent 47 a lethal dose of poison to be used on the target. It works best if the target audience you know is going to have a drink, for example. For example, an expensive glass of wine. If the target is dead, the murder is considered an accident. This means you can use poison in a Silent Assassin run without having to hide your body.

3. Tranquilizer 2-Tranquilizer


This weapon, while not lethal, is perfect for destroying troublesome NPCs that are hindering the Silent Assassin. Sometimes some NPCs won’t leave your target alone. In the short time they are apart, this allows you to check the target without having to get too close.

2. Golden Dragon


Agent 47 has several sniper rifles at his disposal, but none come close to the style and effectiveness of the Golden Dragon. This weapon is unlocked via Lee Hong’s circulation escalator and it looks great. The weapon has a silencer, so NPCs won’t notice you using it, even if you’re in the room next door. Ammunition penetrates targets, which means you can kill two targets in one shot. It also has three zoom levels and offers a momentary delay in aligning a shot by half-pressing the shutter button.

Honorable mention – Pistols


Agent 47’s signature ICA Silverballers have been extended to a number of weapons in the last three Hitman games. Each of them gives you the ability to do one thing, kill a target from a distance without making a huge noise. In many cases, this is not so useful when other NPCs surround the targets. However, pistols are very useful in those unexpected moments when the target is in the room, with no one around, and you can put a bullet through the head. They are also the perfect way to destroy cameras without anyone noticing.

1. Bare hands


If things go wrong, Agent 47 has a pair of hands that can do anything. If he can get close enough to the target, he can overpower or kill it. When confronted, he can feign change and take out the guard, who thinks he stopped him. These hands have taken hundreds of lives, and Agent 47 can use them with a precision no other man can. Their versatility and reliability make them the best weapon to take with you on a mission. As long as you have the ability to use it, no goal is safe.

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