Top 10 Torrent sites in India for Torrenting |

Top 10 Torrent sites in India for Torrenting |

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I am getting so sick of the recent crackdown on torrent sites in India. Torrent websites are used by millions of people to share files with others and it has always been a fairly safe place to share files. I used to visit various torrent sites for years and several of them are still active and maintained. Recently, Torrent sites have been served with a notice from the government to shut down and the law enforcement agencies have been carrying out raids and arrests of the people who are running the websites. The entire community of the torrent users has been up in arms and they are not happy at all. Torrent sites have been used by many people in India to share files like torrent files, which are mostly used for watching videos and listening to music.

The sites listed below are the top 10 websites in India for torrenting. Some of them may not be that popular but they have the largest user base in India and are ranked in the top 10 by Alexa. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

Top 10 Torrent sites in India for Torrenting |

In today’s surfing world, when nearly everyone uses smartphones or watches television online, safe internet browsing and data security are critical. is a platform created by professionals to educate you on the best ways to utilize the internet for safe surfing. VPN is, without a question, the greatest option for secure surfing, online TV viewing, and data protection with no records. Torrenting is also an important component, and people often search for the top torrent websites in India. I’m going to tell you about some of the torrent sites that are growing popularity in India and other areas of the globe. I’ve seen a huge increase in the number of top 10 torrent sites in India that are frequently updated.

My primary goal is to make finding the top torrent websites in India simpler for you. The sites are chosen based on a speed test (which I conducted myself) and conducting common searches on each site. Because of my efforts and the time I invested, I was able to compile the definitive list of top torrent sites in India, allowing you to choose the appropriate one and remain connected. Finding the top torrent sites in India isn’t simple, which is why we’ve put up this guide!

Because some individuals (users) believe that torrenting is no longer in use or that finding the best one takes a little longer, I’m providing a list of the top 10 torrent sites in India. My efforts are here to assist you in locating the finest torrent sites in India.

Which of the Top 10 Torrent Sites in India Is the Best?

I’ve compiled a list of the top torrent sites in India that will completely transform the year 2020. These top torrent websites in India have been extensively tested and are fully functional as of the most recent updates.


1337x is the ideal choice if you want to obtain your favorite TV programs, games, music, and movies, as well as more sophisticated browsing capabilities. It is regarded as one of the finest torrent sites in India, as well as one of the top torrent trackers.


It should be included in the top ten torrent sites in India, since it offers a wide range of movies, TV programs, music, and other media. You’ll have additional torrenting choices. It is banned in many countries, but you may get around these restrictions by using a VPN.


The Pirate Bay is, in my opinion, the greatest torrent site ever, as shown by speed tests and performance. It is the world’s finest torrent tracker. Multiple shutdowns and blocks are equivocated. It has a download speed of 6 MBPS on average. A strong contender for the title of most popular torrent sites in India.


Without TorLock, a great platform for Ebooks and anime, the list of top 10 torrent sites would be incomplete. It has an easy-to-use UI.


This torrent sites India is the ideal option for vintage movie fans – especially for hard-to-find films. It’s also great for those with restricted bandwidth. The 3.2 Mbps speed is plenty to keep you occupied and entertained.


It puts a greater emphasis on music while also offering you with a variety of other functions. In contrast to other torrenting sites, it has a slower pace.


It is one of the finest torrent sites in India for unusual files, with a large collection and simple navigation. It is banned in many countries, but you can get around the restrictions by utilizing the finest VPN service.


With over 3.5 million torrents, it is an excellent option for you if you are searching for the greatest torrent games site (verified).


It is the greatest choice for those searching for the most user-friendly interface and torrents from superior trackers.


It is steady in the top of best torrent websites in India based on my own speed test and experience. With an average speed of 3.2mbps, it’s perfect for watching TV programs.

Now is the time to try Surfshark.

Is It Possible to Visit Every Torrent Site?

Torrent sites often suffer blocking difficulties and challenges as a result of attempts to eliminate unlawful torrenting. If accessible data are to be trusted, or based on my own research, the vast majority of websites have vanished from search and search engines forever. ExtraTorrent, TorrentProjects, and other torrent sites in India and elsewhere are only a few examples. Keep in mind that your favorite torrenting site may be blocked or taken down permanently. Google and other search engines have taken measures to safeguard their users by preventing them from accessing such sites. As a consequence, blocking is the outcome.

If you’re still searching for such torrent sites that have been blocked (but not permanently), a VPN is the easiest way to get around them.

How to Get Torrent Sites That Are Blocked

Knowing the top ten torrent sites in India isn’t enough; you also need to know how to unblock the finest torrent sites in India. Switching to VPN (Virtual Private Network) – the greatest method to circumvent blocks and enjoy torrenting – is the best and most easiest option to do so.

  • You’ll need to locate the best VPN for torrenting – one that offers superior security, fast connections, and limitless P2P traffic across a large number of servers.
  • You may spend a few more minutes in the speed test or browse through the speed test table to discover which one is the best and how it performs at the fastest download rates.

It is critical to understand the best torrent site in India that is the fastest.

Before deciding on the best torrent sites in India, it’s a good idea to find out which one is the quickest. There is no better or more convenient method to do this than to concentrate on speed tests. I mean, what better method to check for torrent sites in India?

Is Torrenting Without a VPN Safe?

Torrenting from India’s top torrent websites without a VPN connection may be dangerous. You can’t anticipate much in the way of speed. Torrenting may be banned in certain areas, depending on where you live. The consequences of downloading may be complex and troublesome, owing to copyright violations, which may result in notifications being sent to your email address. Remember that downloading torrents is a criminal offense that may lead to arrest or imprisonment.

Regardless of whether or not torrenting is allowed in your country, using the appropriate VPN service can offer you with full piece of mind and exact answers. To experience continuous torrenting, you’ll need to select the finest VPN service; it’s all part of the process of finding the top torrent sites in India. You may choose the finest VPN from the following names:

There are a few more names for it. Choose the finest option, and make your choice based on security, privacy, and speed.

VPNs are useful in a variety of ways, the most important of which is to obtain a seamless torrenting experience from the top ten torrent websites.

You’ll receive a VPN that encrypts your connection and routes it via its own servers, keeping you secure. No one can see what you’ve been doing on the internet. The procedure of downloading torrent sites will undoubtedly be facilitated by a proven no-log policy and top-of-the-line encryption.

You may connect to servers in various countries using a VPN connection. You may also get around Geo-Blocks and download from any of India’s top torrent websites — no matter where you are.

Now is the time to try Surfshark.


Users who wish to download torrents are often interested in learning about the top 10 torrent sites in India. However, before deciding which torrent sites to use in India, it is important to understand the speed and features that you will get. Remember that torrenting is illegal in certain countries, and some sites are banned. To get around the blocks and download from your favorite torrent site, you’ll need to select the appropriate VPN provider. Have fun with your newly discovered India’s finest torrent sites!

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Torrenting sites are legal in India?

There are many legal torrenting sites in India.

What is the best site for Torrenting?

I am not familiar with torrenting, but I can tell you that the best site for torrenting is probably The Pirate Bay.

Is Torrenting illegal in India?

Torrenting is not illegal in India.

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